Friday, May 2, 2014

Easter 2014

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This year, like I have for the past many many years, I made Emma an Easter dress.  And like in many of the years past, I got it made just in time.  I actually got this idea in my head for a dress that had kinda a chevron/ikat pattern that radiated out from from the waist and then dissolved to white.  BUT guess what... no fabric designers had read my mind and made the fabric that I saw in my head (note to self, start your own fabric line so you can just read your own mind and then you will have all the fabric you could ever want.)

I looked high and low, near and far, and didn't find the fabric I wanted. (I also procrastinated a bit)  Then less than a week before Easter I found the Michael Miller Glitz line online.   The bad news was, I was out of time to order it online and still have time to make the dresses.  So I started calling around and NO ONE HAD IT!  (note to self, open your own fabric store so you can always buy all the fabric lines you like and then you will have the fabric you want when you want it.)  Anyway, finally I found some... and it was only like a 40 minute drive each way to get it... No big deal.  But they only had just over 2 yards of the pink confetti left in stock.  And I just had to use the pink confetti.

So I bought all that they had and had to go home and rethink my design.  

I am so happy with the result.  I wish I had had more so that I could have used more of the condensed dots on the bodice and I wish the skirt was a little fuller, but I would have had to give up the pockets and I kinda adore the pockets. 

I also adore that Emma still loves to match her baby sister.  

Bonnie's dress is made out of the left over bits after made Emma's dress.  The top is all pieced with whatever bits I could salvage. As it turned out, I love the piecing, but my favorite part of the dress are the sleeves.  I was quite truly out of fabric and I had kinda messed up, so I found some pink organza and nude tulle and layered them to make a little ruffle sleeve.  Yay for happy accidents, right?

Don't you love how in every picture of Bonnie with the boys they are totally watching over her.  She is a lucky girl.  

Don't they look so cute in their Easter finest?  After church we went over to visit Great Grandma.  They kids love going over there... they just don't all love being asked to stand still and look at a camera.