Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Winter ONEderland First Birthday Party

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I can't believe my sweet baby Bonnie is already one.  :(

Since this was the last time I would get to have a first birthday for one of my babies, I wanted to make sure I went all out.  

I wanted a very soft, pretty, wintery treat table.

So, I made sugar cookies covered in pastel sugar crystals, white chocolate cheesecake snowflake pops, yellow strawberry flavored cupcakes, and pink lemon cupcakes....  Did you catch that??? pink lemon? yellow strawberry?  I guess I shouldn't be baking after midnight.

I printed off some of my favorite pictures of Bonnie from her first year and used them as cupcake toppers and other places throughout the party.  I used a 2 inch scalloped punch to cut out her sweet little face.  

The real show stopper of the dessert table was Bonnie's ruffled fondant cake.

I used pictures from Bonnie's photo shoot and all my "wintery" Christmas decorations to decorate for the party.  

I know we are all looking forward to Spring, but I couldn't think of a better first birthday theme for a little girl who was born during an ice storm in January and whose favorite movie is Frozen.

I think she enjoyed it.  

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentines Round Up... Great Last Minute Ideas

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching.  A little too quickly approaching.  How the heck did it sneak up on me like this.  I have nothing ready.... like nothing... As in we are leaving out of town, I haven't packed up anything for our little family of 7, the kids have to take their class valentines in tomorrow since it is the last day they will be here and they are kinda bummed about missing their parties, I have Relief Society tomorrow night and I am on the committee,  I don't have Valentines made for my hubby or kids, looks like the kids are going store bought this year, not ready for Valentines day.  And why yes, if you saw my last post I am in charge of planing two of my kids class Valentine's Day parties, even though we will be out of town for them.

Anyway, I still am holding on to the hope that I will manage a little something homemade-ish for my family. So here are some ideas I love that could totally be done last minute and as long as you don't write a post about it in a public forum, no one has to know you didn't totally plan this like a month ago.

One of my favorite things to do for Valentines is to be a little bit corny with food. Why not, it is Valentine's Day.  Go a little nuts.

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Ohhhh, did you see what is did there.  

I also rather enjoy this one from the frugal girls.

And although they are not food related, these free printables from the dating divas are sure to hit the mark.  Plus it would be so easy to pick up a little something to give your man to go along with these. 

My fav are these Star Wars Valentines, but they  had other manly themes as well.

Okay, and for they kids....

I am sure they would feel the love getting donuts for breakfast.

the free printable is at Izzy and Ivy Designs

And why not add a bit of OJ

You can get this printable at See Vanessa Craft.

Have this fun little breakfast waiting and add a cute little matchbox Valentine and the kids are all set.

You can get this ADORABLE printable at Restless Risa.  

Oh yeah we got this.

If you still feel like you need more ideas, you can check out my Valentine's Day pinterest board.  

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

School Valentine's Parties, Easy As 1, 2, 3, 4

This year I am in charge of two of my kids' class Valentine's parties.  I know a lot of people are intimidated by the idea of planning a class room Valentine's party, but it is easy, I promise.

First, check with the teacher and find out whether or not he/she is planning on handing out valentines as part of the party time or beforehand and whether or not the kids will have already made or brought in some kind of valentine mailbox so you can plan the time accordingly.  For my kids, their teachers are not having the valentine exchange as part of the party, so we don't need to worry about it.

Now, break the party into 4 stations.  That way the kids are in smaller, easy-to-work-with, groups.   A good rule of thumb is to have a treat station, a craft station, an active game station, and a non-active station.

The Treat Station
At my kids' school, the treats at the party have to have some kind of healthy element.  So for this party, we are going to do parfaits and bottled water.  We will be making the parfaits in clear cups, so the kids can see how cute they look.  Have stickers on hand so that kids can decorate their cups while they wait for help making the parfaits.

Valentine's Party Parfait Recipe
-enough pre-cut cake for the number of kids in the class (we have to use only store bought foods, but you can use cut-up angel food cake, strawberry short cakes, or un-frosted cupcakes.)
- Cool Whip
- vanilla pudding
- vanilla yogurt
- strawberries
- pretzels
- sprinkles
- whipped cream

Mix one tub of Cool Whip, a large box of vanilla pudding (prepared), and two cups of vanilla yogurt.  Add a little food coloring to make it pink. Crush some pretzels and cut up some strawberries.
Layer cake, filling, whip cream, cake, filling, pretzels, strawberries, whip cream, sprinkles.  OR, whatever layers the kids want.  If you use cupcakes, cut them in half.  We just tried some that went filling, crushed pretzels, filling, whipped cream, crushed pretzels, filling strawberries, whipped cream, and sprinkles.

Then, we did water bottles, because kids like water bottles, they are healthy, and cheap.

The Craft Station
When it comes to crafts... KEEP IT SIMPLE and keep in mind how long it has to dry before it has to go home.  Glue is not your friend.  We kept our craft totally simple. Here is our craft.

I find it helpful to have each of the supplies the kids will need in little sets, so they can just be passed out and they will have everything they need.   We are making heart/flower valentines with other little valentines they can color.

Supplies for each set:
-one green pipe cleaner
-one green paper leaf
-one strip of red paper (1X12)
-one strip of pink paper (1X10)
-one strip of white paper (1x11)
-one valentine to color
-one baggy to put it all in.
- hole punch or stapler

Punch holes in the paper strips ahead of time or if you don't want to use a hole punch you can just staple it all together.  

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Then this is what they get to take home.  You can also have the kids write to mom or something on the leaf.

The Active Game Station
We are playing Lava hearts.  Divide the groups into two teams.  Either head-to-head or team-against-team, have kids race from one side of the room to the other and back.  Each team has two hearts.  The kids can't touch the floor to get across the room, because the floor is LAVA.  They have to use only the hearts.  It is best to either laminate or use contact paper on the hearts so they don't get ripped up.

The Non-active Game Station

We are playing the "Be My Valentine" game.  I think the picture kinda explains it all.  Have each kid start out with 6-10 candies.  They take turns rolling the dice.  I printed them at 5x7s so there were two copies.  You can use conversation hearts, or some kind of wrapped candy, or even pretzels or crackers if you need to be a little healthier.

So there you have it.  Easy Peasy.