Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Festive Felt Ball Wreaths

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I am SO in love with felt balls right now.  And I also totally admit that that sounds weird.  They are just so stinking cute and happy.  Pretty much anything you do with them turns out cute.  The are washi tape, stick a little on something and it is instantly so much cuter.  

I must admit I have been a little obsessed and made a few of them.

And the good news is that they are really easy to make, and as far as wreaths go, not TOO time consuming (I have done more time consuming wreaths).  To make one of these bad boys you are looking at about 330 to 350 felt balls and 3 hours of your life.  You can buy felt balls a lot of places online, and I sell them in my shop.

For this wreath you will need a 14 inch foam wreath base, a piece of felt to cover the back of the wreath (this is optional, you can just leave the foam exposed on the back if you would like.), hot glue and gun, and about 350 felt balls.  I think I actually used close to 330 on the first one I made, but it would be lame to run out.  And if you have too many you can always make yourself a cute little matching garland.

I started by cutting the felt out in a circle, using the foam wreath as a template, and then hot gluing felt to the back of the wreath.  Make sure you get the glue right up next to the edge to the felt. Then create a loop to hang it with by cutting a 1 by 6 inch strip of felt.  Hot glue the strip and fold it in half so it is now .5 by 6 inches.  Then fold it so it makes a loop and hot glue the ends under another piece of felt.

Then just flip if over and get to hot gluing.  (Okay I have to take a moment to point out what a strange looking word gluing is.  Am I alone in this thought?  I just googled it because I couldn't get over how strange it looked.)  Sorry back on topic.  It looks best if you glue the balls really close together.

And there you have it, one happy little wreath.