Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

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Happy Halloween!

Can you tell what they all are?

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Halloween Bingo

It is that time of year again, time for Halloween parties at school.

I have had quite a few people email me to let me know that the PDF link for my Halloween Bingo boards was broken.  While, not to worry, I fixed it.  

You can download the set here.  And see the original post for them here.

This set has really come in handy.  I have used it every year for the past three years.  

Do you have any school Halloween party games that you just love?  I would love to hear about them.  

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Your House Makes Me Happy

I live in one of those neighborhoods.  You know, the kind in movies, where when you drive down the street the yards have all been mowed, you can hear children laughing in the distance, and two moms jog past pushing their double jogging strollers.  And let me tell you... it is so awesome.  Now don't get the wrong idea, my yard looks like crap, my kids are most likely fighting, and I DON'T jog.  But still, my neighborhood is freaking awesome.  Like, as far as I know, everyone in my neighborhood is friends with everyone else in my neighborhood.  They could make a real housewives TV show of my neighborhood, but the most drama would be when one of our potty training two-year-olds runs out of the house naked and we have to chase them down.  Picture farmers trying to catch a squealing pig.  Good Times.

Anyway, so it is totally normal to see a group of mommies standing around talking while keeping our little ones from getting hit by cars or something.  And today one of my dear sweet awesome neighbors stopped to chat.  And as she rolled down her window she says "Your house makes me happy."  To which I responded "I know right?"  Is it totally weird that the Halloween decorations on my porch make me happy?

Pretty sure happy is not the average feeling you get from Halloween decor.

So here it is.  My HAPPY Halloween Porch.

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Right?  Did it make you happy too?

I decided to change things up a little this year.  Of course I had to keep the Count Down To Candy Sign.  I actually have kids in the neighborhood who look forward to that thing showing up on my porch every year.
Oh, one more fun fact, there are a TON of kids in my neighborhood.  Like no kidding, probably 300, under the age of 12.  So we take Halloween VERY seriously around here.   "You know, for the kids."

So I love all the new stuff I made, but my favorite is this wreath.  I kinda have a thing for awesome paper and I love the texture that can be created with paper, so this wreath is a win win.  

Plus, it was easy and cheep.  It is just a 16" Styrofoam wreath base and about 8 pieces of 12x12 paper.  I just cut the paper into 12 inch strips at varying widths around 3 inches and then accordion folded them.  Then I hot glued those bad boys on, making sure to overlap as I went and boom.  Awesomeness.  

You can quite possibly never go wrong gluing a paper yo-yo to something.  I take that back.  There are probably quite a few things you should NOT hot glue a paper yo-yo to..... So glue and fold paper responsibly.  I glued a paper yo-yo to my finger once.  It was the opposite of awesome.  

For the top of the door I asked myself "What would Martha Stewart do if she somehow found herself in "The Nightmare Before Christmas."  Nailed it.

Random Fact.  I have been working on my genealogy and one of my ancestors was named Martha Stewart... So that explains a lot. :)  I was on the phone with my mom while she was going through an old box of family history stuff and I think she actually snorted when she saw it.

But seriously.  Look how totally cute a spider is when you cover it in glitter and hot glue it to a paper yo-yo.

I hope you are looking forward to a HAPPY Halloween.