Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Just Between Friends Consignment Sale

It is not secret by now that I LOVE the Just Between Friends sales.  They happen twice a year here in northern Utah and one is happening right now.  I am consigning once.  I have consigned twice before and made over $400 both times (can you see why I LOVE it so much.)  Plus I always get a tone of great stuff!

Because I am a consignor I got to shop the pre-sale tonight.  Among my favorite finds are 4 pairs of cater's fleece jammies for only 2.50 each.  Score!

This Gymboree dress and bows for only $12.

and this Children's Place coat (with the tags still on it) for $13.  That is a NEW $60 3-in-1 coat for $13.

But quite possibly the thing I was most excited to find was this dress (for $3).  I saw it one day at Target when I was pregnant with Bonnie and almost bought it.  But for some craz-balls reason I decided to "be good" that day and not buy it because it wasn't on sale or anything.  Then when I decided I just had to have it, it was all gone.  (sad face)  But there it was for just $3.

The most fun has been that almost EVERYONE on my street goes to or consigns at the sale.  So we all get to show off our finds to each other and brag about how much money we made when it is over.  Fun Fun Fun.  One of my friends got nice Carter's jammies for her 7 year old for $1 each... and they look gooood.

So if you are in Davis County type area GO TO THE SALE.  The racks are PACKED!  and there it a ton of stuff.  Not just clothes.  Everything you need for kids.  I even picked up this Cabbage Patch doll ($15) for a little something I am working on for my sweet Baby Bonnie.  It look almost exactly like the Cabbage Patch doll I have from when I was a kid.

If you aren't in the Davis county area you can see if there is going to be one near you.  Just click here.
If you go I would love to here about the deals you found. And just to make your life easier.  Here are the hours.

Thursday & Friday, Sept. 5th/6th
Thursday we have an EARLY BIRD SALE: 9am with $5 admission. 9:30 with $3.
9am to 8pm Open to the public!
Free admission after 10am on Thursday and all day Friday. Everyone welcome!

Saturday, September 7th
8am Volunteers admitted to 1/2 price sale
8:30 Consignors admitted to 1/2 price sale
9am to 2:30pm 1/2 price sale Open to the public! FREE admission. Everyone welcome!