Friday, April 26, 2013

Cutting Edge Stencil Winner, A Not So Craft Related Story, and The Return Of Friday Night Features

So, somehow I managed to totally forget to announce the winner for the Cutting Edge Stencils giveaway.  The winner is... Elizabeth Downie.


Okay, on to the story.  The other day I was in my craft room making some super cute fabric rosettes when suddenly I heard what sounded like someone put a bunch of rocks in the dryer and turned it on.  The strange thing about that was that I knew I wasn't doing laundry and no one else was in there.  Upon going into the laundry room I discovery that a not-so-smart bird had flown into the outside dryer vent (the cover blew off in a windstorm this past winter and it is like 20+ ft up on the side of our house so we have yet to replace it) and was now stuck in the vent hose in the back of the dryer.
I then had to free the bird.  Picture, if you will, me pulling out the dryer, climbing up on the top and laying on my stomach across the top, and reaching down to detach the hose.  For a moment the hose was pointed right at my face.  I was so scared!  I managed to get the hose pointed towards the open window and then there was no noise coming from the hose.  I thought maybe the bird had found its way out the way it came in, when suddenly this bird that was much too large to fit in the hose came busting out flapping its wings like crazy.
Now although I had told the kids to stay out, Alan and Bryce had come in the room while I was scaling the dryer and I was now climbing over them to get away from the bird that was repeatedly flying into the upper half (the still covered with glass half) of the open window while I was yelling "go down you stupid bird." And the boys were screaming.
It was pretty awesome.

And now to the features.  I must be in a girly mood.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Bonnie's Room Reveal

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Welcome to Bonnie's room!!!  I am SO glad to finally have this room done... well mostly done.  I don't think I will ever really think a room is really truly done.  

The theme of Bonnie's room is Sweet Baby Girl with a vintage feel.  (nailed it)

This room was so much work.  There is hardly anything in the room that I didn't do something to.  I did most of the painting and molding while I was very pregnant.  Have you ever tried to do crown molding really pregnant.  Well I wouldn't suggest it.  One of the hardest parts was that my belly stuck out so far it made it pretty much impossible to use a ladder.  

I am SO in love with her crib area.  As I mentioned in an earlier post the Charlotte stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils was an amazing find.  It just makes her crib area feel so special.  Speaking of things that are special, this lovely Jenny Lind crib is quite "special".  I bought it as an old used drop side crib with the plan to turn it into a stationary crib because I really wanted a girly vintage looking crib.  As it turns out it was missing some parts and is a VERY hard wood. Like made my drill smoke and broke screws type of hard.  But finally with a little help from my mom's husband we were able to get it all together.  And it is now customized, perfect, and very safe.

I am also loving her bedding.  I will make sure to give you the full tutorial on that. I really wanted to keep the top part very clean since the skirt was so ruffley.  

Let's see what else... the awesome paper flowers are from Martha Stewart (I mean not personally or anything, although how cool would it be to have Martha Stewart help design your baby's room?!) The shelves, and the frame are from Ikea, but I Mod Podged fabric to make them a little more personal.  The rocking chair is also from Ikea, but it was a normal chair when I bought it and I turned it into a rocker. I will have to give you a tutorial on that later too.

The chandelier was a Company Store Kids find.  It was way on sale back in November.  The fabric in the room comes mainly from three different lines: Riley Blake, Marguerite; Riley Blake, Sweetest Thing; and Moda, Sophie.  I love how they all work so well together.  And to add to the fun vintage feel, most the little things on the shelves were actually mine when I was little.  

I think Bonnie's room is a total success.  It is so happy and calming and can't wait for her to try it out!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Bonnie's Accent Wall by Cutting Edge Stencils plus a Giveaway

When I found out I was FINALLY having another girl I knew one thing for sure.  I wanted her to have the pinkest most girly room possible.  Mainly because I happen to really like pink and this was going to be my last chance to decorate one of my kids rooms exactly how I wanted it.  I mean, what if when she is 3 she totally decided she hates pink.  I think I would really regret not getting to do this room when I had the chance.   So after countless hours of searching I found this BEAUTIFUL wallpaper.

Right?  Isn't it so soft and girly???

 Okay, here it is in blue so you can get a better idea of its true girliness   But to my sadness this wallpaper is only sold in Europe.  I spent quite a lot of time trying to find a site that would sell/ship it to me.  Then when I finally found one I learned that for me to get the amount I wanted for her room it would have been over $450.  You should have seen my husband's face when I (hopped up on pregnancy hormones) told him I wanted to spend over $400 on wallpaper for the baby's room.  He didn't even have to tell me no.  I knew there was no way I could justify spending that kind of dough on just the wallpaper.  And I thought about just doing one wall or something, but I just couldn't get it to mesh with the overall feeling I wanted to create.   So I let go of that dream and moved on to plan B... paint.

I looked all over for a stencil that could make me forget about my wallpaper, but couldn't find one.  Then one day I saw Cutting Edge Stencils' new Charlotte Allover Stencil.

Isn't is wonderful?  It was the first stencil design I had come across that healed the decorative hole that was torn into my heart after having to let go of my very expensive wallpaper.

Right away I knew I just had to have it.  I was seriously giddy when I saw it.

I still haven't finished poor little Bonnie's room (I can't seem to get the stupid old crib I bought to go together.  It has REALLY hardwood and my poor drill doesn't seem to like it.)  But I am just too excited about the awesomeness of this stencil not to share it with you now. So here is a little sneak peek of the room and then lets cross our fingers that I can actually show you the whole thing next week. 

You LOVE it right?  I mean, even if you don't really like pink, how can you not love it?  The funny thing is that the pink on the walls and the stripes on the ceiling is actually called victorian pearl, which in on a white Behr color card.  So really I painted it all white.  Which it really what I was going for. When I was describing the kind of pink I wanted in the room I told my husband I wanted it to be such a light pink that it was actually more like you meant to paint it white and then after you painted it you were all like oh crap it is pink.  Not that that has ever happened to me, but I am pretty sure I have seen it happen to people on tv before.

The Charlotte Stencil is so awesome.  I kinda really want to use it in my room now.  (Is it overkill to stencil in every room of the house? and  if so what percent of the rooms in my house can I use a stencil in before I become the crazy stenciled house lady?  Is it anything like the number of cats you can have before you are a crazy cat lady?  If so I may be in trouble.)  Back on point.  I was asked to review the Charlotte stencil and it is 100% my own opinion that it is freaking awesome.  Is that okay.. can I say freaking on this blog? :)  It is a really nice big size, the pattern is beautiful and it is the same great quality as all Cutting Edge Stencils stencils. This is my third Cutting Edge Stencils stencil and 3 out of 3 I have been really great quality and easy to use.  And 3 out of 3 ain't bad. 

To create this look in Bonnie's room, first I taped off around the inside of the molding to create a little border effect around the stenciled area.

Then I painted the whole box white, centered the stencil, and used one of those dense foam little rollers to stencil the pink on there.  Then I just pulled the tape off and I was done.  Definitely a one nap time kinda project. 

  Stenciling is really easy.  Nothing to be scared of.  The only word to advice I really have not to put too much paint on your roller.  Less is more in this case.  If you need more help there is a TON of really helpful info and videos at

Okay, and now for what you REALLY want, a $50 Cutting Edge Stencils giveaway.  I am not gonna lie... I would really appreciate it if you were a Corner House follower before you enter this giveaway, but I am not going to require it of you.  
For your first entry you just need to hop over to Cutting Edge Stencils, look around, then come back here and tell me what one you would want.
If you would like a second entry  follow me on pinterest and pin your favorite stencil on one of your boards   Then come back here and leave me another comment with a link to your pin.  

I think that is it.  The giveaway will be open until Tuesday, April 16 at midnight, so good luck.