Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Festive Felt Ball Wreaths

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I am SO in love with felt balls right now.  And I also totally admit that that sounds weird.  They are just so stinking cute and happy.  Pretty much anything you do with them turns out cute.  The are washi tape, stick a little on something and it is instantly so much cuter.  

I must admit I have been a little obsessed and made a few of them.

And the good news is that they are really easy to make, and as far as wreaths go, not TOO time consuming (I have done more time consuming wreaths).  To make one of these bad boys you are looking at about 330 to 350 felt balls and 3 hours of your life.  You can buy felt balls a lot of places online, and I sell them in my shop.

For this wreath you will need a 14 inch foam wreath base, a piece of felt to cover the back of the wreath (this is optional, you can just leave the foam exposed on the back if you would like.), hot glue and gun, and about 350 felt balls.  I think I actually used close to 330 on the first one I made, but it would be lame to run out.  And if you have too many you can always make yourself a cute little matching garland.

I started by cutting the felt out in a circle, using the foam wreath as a template, and then hot gluing felt to the back of the wreath.  Make sure you get the glue right up next to the edge to the felt. Then create a loop to hang it with by cutting a 1 by 6 inch strip of felt.  Hot glue the strip and fold it in half so it is now .5 by 6 inches.  Then fold it so it makes a loop and hot glue the ends under another piece of felt.

Then just flip if over and get to hot gluing.  (Okay I have to take a moment to point out what a strange looking word gluing is.  Am I alone in this thought?  I just googled it because I couldn't get over how strange it looked.)  Sorry back on topic.  It looks best if you glue the balls really close together.

And there you have it, one happy little wreath.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Christmas Skirts

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I have been sewing, crafting, and cleaning overtime trying to stay caught up with the my Christmas related "to do's"  and I am failing miserably.  High up on the list this year were getting a few Christmas skirts made.   
I still have 4 more to finish up, but I couldn't wait to share these cuties.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Cheery Holiday Garland

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Today I am so excited to be sharing the tutorial for my felt ball Christmas garland over at Tiny Prints.  Go check it out.  My cheery garland was inspired by their Cheery Garland Christmas Card.  You can see the rest of Tiny Prints' Christmas card selection here. 

I am also excited to announce the revival of my Etsy shop, Corner House Shoppe, where you will find felt balls like the ones used to create this cheery little garland and wreath; along with pre-made garlands, wreaths, and soon to arrive Christmas skirts!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Feel the Cheer Printable

I have been working on a little project that I just love and will be posting about on Friday.  As part of this little project, I have a little early Christmas gift for all of you.  How about a free printable from me to you?

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I hope you enjoy the printable and come back on Friday to check out the adorable awesomeness that I have been up to.  It is sure to put a smile on your face.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

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Happy Halloween!

Can you tell what they all are?

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Halloween Bingo

It is that time of year again, time for Halloween parties at school.

I have had quite a few people email me to let me know that the PDF link for my Halloween Bingo boards was broken.  While, not to worry, I fixed it.  

You can download the set here.  And see the original post for them here.

This set has really come in handy.  I have used it every year for the past three years.  

Do you have any school Halloween party games that you just love?  I would love to hear about them.  

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Your House Makes Me Happy

I live in one of those neighborhoods.  You know, the kind in movies, where when you drive down the street the yards have all been mowed, you can hear children laughing in the distance, and two moms jog past pushing their double jogging strollers.  And let me tell you... it is so awesome.  Now don't get the wrong idea, my yard looks like crap, my kids are most likely fighting, and I DON'T jog.  But still, my neighborhood is freaking awesome.  Like, as far as I know, everyone in my neighborhood is friends with everyone else in my neighborhood.  They could make a real housewives TV show of my neighborhood, but the most drama would be when one of our potty training two-year-olds runs out of the house naked and we have to chase them down.  Picture farmers trying to catch a squealing pig.  Good Times.

Anyway, so it is totally normal to see a group of mommies standing around talking while keeping our little ones from getting hit by cars or something.  And today one of my dear sweet awesome neighbors stopped to chat.  And as she rolled down her window she says "Your house makes me happy."  To which I responded "I know right?"  Is it totally weird that the Halloween decorations on my porch make me happy?

Pretty sure happy is not the average feeling you get from Halloween decor.

So here it is.  My HAPPY Halloween Porch.

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Right?  Did it make you happy too?

I decided to change things up a little this year.  Of course I had to keep the Count Down To Candy Sign.  I actually have kids in the neighborhood who look forward to that thing showing up on my porch every year.
Oh, one more fun fact, there are a TON of kids in my neighborhood.  Like no kidding, probably 300, under the age of 12.  So we take Halloween VERY seriously around here.   "You know, for the kids."

So I love all the new stuff I made, but my favorite is this wreath.  I kinda have a thing for awesome paper and I love the texture that can be created with paper, so this wreath is a win win.  

Plus, it was easy and cheep.  It is just a 16" Styrofoam wreath base and about 8 pieces of 12x12 paper.  I just cut the paper into 12 inch strips at varying widths around 3 inches and then accordion folded them.  Then I hot glued those bad boys on, making sure to overlap as I went and boom.  Awesomeness.  

You can quite possibly never go wrong gluing a paper yo-yo to something.  I take that back.  There are probably quite a few things you should NOT hot glue a paper yo-yo to..... So glue and fold paper responsibly.  I glued a paper yo-yo to my finger once.  It was the opposite of awesome.  

For the top of the door I asked myself "What would Martha Stewart do if she somehow found herself in "The Nightmare Before Christmas."  Nailed it.

Random Fact.  I have been working on my genealogy and one of my ancestors was named Martha Stewart... So that explains a lot. :)  I was on the phone with my mom while she was going through an old box of family history stuff and I think she actually snorted when she saw it.

But seriously.  Look how totally cute a spider is when you cover it in glitter and hot glue it to a paper yo-yo.

I hope you are looking forward to a HAPPY Halloween. 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Just Between Friends Consignment Sale

It is not secret by now that I LOVE the Just Between Friends sales.  They happen twice a year here in northern Utah and one is happening right now.  I am consigning once.  I have consigned twice before and made over $400 both times (can you see why I LOVE it so much.)  Plus I always get a tone of great stuff!

Because I am a consignor I got to shop the pre-sale tonight.  Among my favorite finds are 4 pairs of cater's fleece jammies for only 2.50 each.  Score!

This Gymboree dress and bows for only $12.

and this Children's Place coat (with the tags still on it) for $13.  That is a NEW $60 3-in-1 coat for $13.

But quite possibly the thing I was most excited to find was this dress (for $3).  I saw it one day at Target when I was pregnant with Bonnie and almost bought it.  But for some craz-balls reason I decided to "be good" that day and not buy it because it wasn't on sale or anything.  Then when I decided I just had to have it, it was all gone.  (sad face)  But there it was for just $3.

The most fun has been that almost EVERYONE on my street goes to or consigns at the sale.  So we all get to show off our finds to each other and brag about how much money we made when it is over.  Fun Fun Fun.  One of my friends got nice Carter's jammies for her 7 year old for $1 each... and they look gooood.

So if you are in Davis County type area GO TO THE SALE.  The racks are PACKED!  and there it a ton of stuff.  Not just clothes.  Everything you need for kids.  I even picked up this Cabbage Patch doll ($15) for a little something I am working on for my sweet Baby Bonnie.  It look almost exactly like the Cabbage Patch doll I have from when I was a kid.

If you aren't in the Davis county area you can see if there is going to be one near you.  Just click here.
If you go I would love to here about the deals you found. And just to make your life easier.  Here are the hours.

Thursday & Friday, Sept. 5th/6th
Thursday we have an EARLY BIRD SALE: 9am with $5 admission. 9:30 with $3.
9am to 8pm Open to the public!
Free admission after 10am on Thursday and all day Friday. Everyone welcome!

Saturday, September 7th
8am Volunteers admitted to 1/2 price sale
8:30 Consignors admitted to 1/2 price sale
9am to 2:30pm 1/2 price sale Open to the public! FREE admission. Everyone welcome!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Back to School 2013

My kiddos went back to school this week.  I love this time of year.  So much excitement and change.
With 4 kids going back to school (if you include my little Brycey headed off to preschool next week), we have had a lot to do.   Back to school nights, new clothes, backpacks, and shoes.  And of course there were first day of school pictures and teacher gifts.

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I made their little signs.  You can get the PDF with Preschool through 6th grade here.

I also made some that don't have the date on them.

You can get Preschool through 6th grade without the date here (for next year).

The biggest change was Logan starting Kindergarten.  He was SO ready.  And you wouldn't believe how excited he was when he realized that kindergarteners go to school 5 days a week.

I love big old backpacks on little kindergarteners.  Logan chose this backpack himself, it was not my vote. :)

For teacher gifts the older two each gave their teacher one of the good smelling hand sanitizers from Bath and Bodyworks with this little note:

you can download it from Balancing Home.

I was going to give them all flowers, but I forgot to go to the store on Saturday night and then just ran out of time.

Since Logan didn't start until Thursday we were able to pick up some flowers in his favorite color to give to his teacher.  Then I just hot glued the note to the front of a mason jar and tied a little baker's twine around the top.  Super Easy.

And just in case you are looking for more teacher gift ideas here are a few from years past:

Happy Back-to-School!!!!