Saturday, March 31, 2012

Blog Swap with The Cards We Drew

Today I have the wonderful opportunity to introduce you to Abbey from The Cards We Drew.   Since we are going to be roomies at SNAP we thought it would be fun to swap blogs and get to know each other better.  I first met Abbey when she used my paper cone wreath tutorial to make a super cute wreath of her own.   Abbey's blog is really fun and she puts together some seriously cute party tables.  I am so excited to get to meet her in just a few more weeks.


Hey everyone! I'm Abbey from The Cards We Drew. I'm SO happy to be here today on Laura's blog! I first found her when I saw her {gorgeous} paper wreath a few months ago and I've been a fan ever since. I'm really excited to meet and room with Laura at SNAP in a few weeks too!

My blog is The Cards We Drew and it is  kind of a montage to my life. I LOVE crafting, party planning, DIYing, but I also like talk about my family, my feisty little redheaded toddler, weight loss and working out, and more. I consider myself a blogger that kind of dabbles a little in all different areas and I write about what I love and what I'm into at the moment. You can find me each week contributing at I Heart Nap Time with her Top 20 Sundae Scoop post and also contributing once a month at Craft-O-Maniac. I also am the blogger for the Etsy party printables shop, DimplePrints, which is my go to source for all my parties! So yes, I'm busy blogging, but I love every minute of it and definitely consider it a passion. I LOVE LOVE LOVE making wreathes...I have a goal to make a cute wreath for every season and I'm nearly there!!
I've been known to stencil a few walls in my house before...
I love to show off fun recipes and {especially} desserts when I can...
BUT MOST OF ALL...I love planning parties. I try to help out with friends' parties and give them ideas and inspiration and in my dream world I'd quit my job and become a party planner, but alas I still have bills to pay!
I have a Project Gallery page where you can check out some of my different projects, as well if you're interested! I hope you'll stop by The Cards We Drew sometime to say hello and thanks to Laura for having me here today!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Night Features

Guess what I got this week!!!  Oh I am so excited. 

 I got a very old awesome piano for FREE!!!  I have major plans for it.

Major plans.

While you are waiting to see the awesomeness that will be my new old piano you can enjoy some awesomeness I found around blogland.

Cute eggs right?

Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Magnetic Calendar

I fully realize that the end of March is not the typical time to talk about calendars.

I actually made this back in January after not finding a calendar I liked anywhere. But then January got complicated and I never showed it to you guys.

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I have really been enjoying it.  I love that I can change out the background.   I kinda have a weakness for scrapbook paper.

For January and February I had cute "love" paper for the background, then I changed it to the green floral with  bunnies for March an April.  

It was super easy to make.  I picked up a 12x12 sheet of metal, the frames, and the transparency of the calendar at my local craft store.  The frames were cheap and black so I spray painted them a nice navy.  Then I just layered the metal, paper, transparency, and then the glass in the frame.   I left the glass in the frame so I could use Sharpies to write on it. 

The Sharpies are nice because unlike dry erase markers they won't accidentally rub off, but they will wipe off of glass when you want them too.

I made it magnetic because I thought it would be fun to be able to add extra little embellishments to special days like birthdays, but the magnets have also come in handy when the kids get little fliers or something at school that I want to write on the calendar, but I don't have the time to get the markers out.  (I have to keep all the markers up so the baby doesn't color on all the walls.  I am really looking forward to the end of the writing on the walls phase.)

Don't you love the sweet little bunnies.  I am so in love with this paper.  I love how cute, happy, Easter-y, springy it is without being TOO cutesy.  Ya know? Like at first it just looks like a cool floral and then it is like "hey there are cute bunnies in there."

BTW I hung it with those 3M Command Velcro picture hanger thingys.  It was my first time using them and I REALLY like them.
AND if you are wondering how to make those little paper yoyo circle things I have a tutorial here

Monday, March 26, 2012

Alan's Transformers Birthday Party and a Winner

The winner of the Get Air party is Stacy. 
Congrats Stacy!  I am sure your kids are going to have a BLAST.

At the beginning of the year, when I was still pregnant and sick all the time, I told the kids we weren't going to do birthday parties this year.  But since my status has changed since then I decided that they could each have a SMALL party.   After all there are only so many years I get to throw parties and then they will be gone.

This year Alan picked to have a Transformers party.  Can I tell you... I was not excited about the Transformers theme.  I was especially NOT excited about making a Transformers cake, mainly because red, navy, and grey are not the most appetizing colors.  But here is something I have learned in my 6 short years of being the mother to little boys.   Sometimes boys just like tacky stuff.  They like bright red shirts with Mario on them or anything with Spiderman or Transformer on it.  And as the mother of a boy it is your job to seek out the least tacky of the things they love so you can both be happy.  Don't get me wrong.  I love Transformers, those movies are awesome.  I just don't really want to decorate with them.

For Alan's party I must admit I gave in to the tacky.  After all I knew when Alan said he wanted Transformers that meant he wanted Transformers plastered from one end of the party space to the other.  That said I really tried hard to keep things simple.

Pin It  For the invites I kept it very simple.  I just Googled Optimus Prime, downloaded a picture that was a free wallpaper image and then added the words in Picasa.   Then all I had to do was print and cut them out.  Super easy since I was only letting Alan invite 4 friends.  That is nearly impossible in my neighborhood.  There are 5 kids Alan's age in just the 5 houses next to ours.

For the cake I found this cute little Optimus Prime cake topper that is also a spoon that the birthday kid can use to eat his cake.  Alan loves it.

At the party each kid got a cupcake and we saved the cake for the family party later that day.  I first baked the cupcakes in the Transformers liners and then slipped them into another liner so they looked pretty.  I topped the cupcakes with Optimus Prime and Bumblebee rings.

I put Transformer stuff where ever I could.  Don't you just love the super cool "birthday card" from Alan's Aunt Andrea?  Did you know you could just mail a box of candy? 

I decided to do water bottles for the party because they are cheap, healthy, and kids love getting to drink out of a water bottle.  To make the labels I just googled "Transformer symbol", downloaded it into picasa and added the names.  Then I just hot glued the blue cardstock and the Transformer symbol to the bottles.

As the boys arrived we had an episode of the old Transformers cartoon on and some toys set out so they could hang out and have fun while we waited for everyone to arrive.  Our first game was pin the symbol on the Transformer.  I covered the holes of the a Bumblebee mask  and then we had the kids take turns trying to get the closest to pinning the symbol in the right place on Bumblebee.  (Yes, the little boy is going down the hall the wrong way.)

And yet somehow he managed to win.  I got the coloring book at the dollar store.

After lunch the kids went on a treasure hunt for Energon.  Optimus Prime left them clues so they could find the Energon and defeat the Decepticons.    I had those boys running all over the place. :)

They were very excited when they found it.

I added more loot to the treasure after this picture was taken, but this is a pretty good sampling of what the kids all got in their treat bags.

Then we opened presents and had cake and ice cream.

I had another game planned for after cake and ice cream, but once the presents were opened all they wanted to do was play.  So I let them.  They were having fun right?

Thursday, March 22, 2012


As of Tuesday I am going to SNAP!  Talk about waiting until the last minute.  I am pretty sure I bought the very last ticket.  

I am so excited to get to meet so many amazing bloggers in real life, but I am going to be honest with you all.  I am totally freaking out.  I am kinda painfully shy unless I am with people I know really well and since I don't REALLY know anyone there and I am not going with anyone I am a little scared.  Maybe more than a little.  Oh my goodness, I totally suck at starting conversations or going up and introducing myself to people I don't know.  And that my friends is kinda the whole point of going to a blogger conference.  RIGHT?

Oh well, I have to grow up someday.  I am also freaking out that I don't really have a logo I love ( I have actually been working on that for a while, but every time I make something I decide I don't like it), I don't have business cards, and the hotel is totally booked and I am pretty sure most people have had their roommates picked out for months.  Anyone have room for one more?  I promise to take a quick shower. :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Get Air Giveaway

Remember that CRAZY busy week I had a few weeks ago?  Well one of the reasons that week was so busy was my 9th anniversary.   

To celebrate, the wonderful gals at The Crafty Chicks threw us a party.  


We just happened to get invited to a blogger's family night The Crafty Chicks where hosting at Get Air Sportsplex on our anniversary.  So since we are super romantic we loaded up the 4 kiddos and took them to Utah's largest trampoline park.

  It was SO MUCH FUN!!!  These are not your average backyard trampolines. 
 At first I didn't really know what to expect and I was a little worried Bryce and Logan would be too little to really have fun and be safe, but that was totally not the case.

I don't think anyone had more fun than my baby Bryce.
They have it set up really well and even though there were big people and little people jumping at the same time the little people didn't get bounced all over the place.  But if you are worried, there is a special area just for kids under 48 inches.  So FUN.

Of course, since it was a bloggers' party there were some AWESOME gifts from the party sponsors.

I have to thank Pick Your Plum who gave us cute little goodie bags with craft supplies.  I was most excited about the huge spool of baker's twine!!  I went to buy some the day that it was WAY on sale on Pick Your Plum and then I got distracted by the kids and when I came back they were all sold out.  Now I have some. YAY!!

I got this super cute book, Kabobs for Kids, from Gibbs-Smith.  It has SO many cute ideas for kabobs.

We got these super awesome Lyke Watches.

And the kids got yummy candy from Orson-Gygi.

Okay, about the giveaway.  This is so EXCITING!!  

Get Air Sportsplex in Kaysville UT is giving away a party package to one of you lucky people!  
It includes 1.5 hours of jump time for 10 people and 45 minutes in one of their party rooms .
That is a $140 value.

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post, and be able to use a gift certificate for a party in Kaysville, UT. 

This giveaway will end at midnight March 25th.
Good Luck!

Monday, March 19, 2012

My New Fabric Crush

I am currently IN LOVE with the Heather Bailey freshcut 2011 line.

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Lounge Stripe in Turquoise (I actually have an idea brewing for this one)

Aren't they pretty? 

Oh and I had a few people ask me about the wood grain fabric I used in a quilt I recently made, so if you are wondering, is it Woodgrain in Bark by Joel Dewberry.