Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pinterest Love - Emma's Baptism Dress

My sweet little Emma girl will be getting baptized in about 2 and a half months.  In the LDS church children are baptized at the age of 8.

Now, I know that 2 and a half months may sound like plenty to get everything ready, but since I am kinda crazy and tend to go a little overboard when it comes to my kids I am starting to feel like it is coming up very quickly and I need to get to work.

First, I am focusing on the most important part of any major life event for a girl... the dress.  J/K

So today I am very excited to share with you a few pictures from my Pinterst board Inspiration for Emma's Baptism.  I am planning on designing and making the dress myself.  And although I have been dreaming and thinking about my little girl all dressed in white since before she was born I still can't decide exactly how I want her dress to look or even what fabric I am going to use.  Ahhhhh!!!! I have make a decision.   I know I want her to look sweet and classic and beautiful, yet modern.  and I love ruffles.

I pretty much LOVE EVERYTHING about this dress.  SO PRETTY!   I just stumbled across this dress on Pinterest and the blog it originally came from has been removed.  So all I have is this picture.  I wish I knew more about it.  :(

I love the rows of tulle and the sweet 50s look of the pink one.  I think it would look amazing in white... or I may just make it as an Easter dress.  Plus there is a tutorial on making hoop skirts (like the one worn under the dress in the picture at Simple Simon.)

I love the lace overlay and full skirt on this one.  To me it is very Audrey Hepburn.  

I love the ruffle at the bottom and I love the ruffle at the neck line.  I do not love the sash or the $800 to $1000 price.  Ouch.  Good thing I am not planning on buying Emma's dress.  I could never afford my taste...  or I could afford my taste and my husband would die from sticker shock... No... I just can't afford my taste.

Love the layers of skirts, the pleating where the skirt meets the bodice and the flowers.  I would need to grown the dress up a little for Emma.  

Very Cool.  Don't you think?  

Oh SNAP...  Why can't I decide?

Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Night Features

I have about 1000 projects in the works right now.  Included among those 1000 projects (okay more like 20 projects) are several pieces of furniture that need some love. That may be why I was drawn to so many awesome pieces of furniture this week.

Did your jaw just drop??  So cool right?  Check out this awesome transformation at Mama with a Dash of DIY Drama.

I want this table and I want this room.  Such a cute table form The 36th Avenue.

Another cute little table.  This one is from My Blessed Life.

You have to check out this amazing den makeover at Dixie Delights. 


I need to make one of these.  My new camera didn't come with a thingy to hold the cap and I am constantly leaving it places.  There is a great tutorial at B.jane Brewing. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Another Baby Quilt

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I am pretty sure everyone I know is pregnant.  Okay well not everyone, but it seems like every day another friend or family member announces she is pregnant.  Seriously.  I think I know like 50 women who are pregnant.  (About 30 of them live in my little neighborhood/ward.)  And although I am genuinely happy for all of them sometimes it just makes my lack of baby hurt more or again, or something.  (um, in case you have no idea what I am taking about I had a miscarriage about a month ago.)

About the time I found out I was pregnant, a very dear friend of mine (who happens to live about 3 house away) also found out she was pregnant.  Our due dates where only a few weeks apart.   She already has two cute little girls the same age as my little Logan and Bryce.  So we had already joked that this time she would have a boy and I would have a girl so they could all marry each other.

About 3 weeks after I lost my baby,  my friend across the street informs me that our friend (the one 3 houses away) who is pregnant is at the hospital losing her baby.  I cannot express the heartbreak I felt for my dear friend when I heard the news.  I was a total wreck that day while she was in the hospital.  It just wasn't fair or right.  She was like 20 weeks along.  

My dear friend was not as "lucky" as I was.  I was able to be knocked out and have a d&c, but she was too far along and had to deliver her little baby knowing he was already gone.  I can't imagine her pain, and yet I know exactly her pain.

So that night while she was in the hospital I pulled out every scrap of boy fabric I had, picked out some I thought would work well together and I made a quilt for my friend and her little boy.

This quilt is very special to me.  I made it to help her through her pain, but also to help me with my own.  I think my own hurt was still too raw and having someone I love go through it just brought all my pain back to the surface.

I used fabrics I loved, like the last few bits of this snail print I used when I made a baby quilt for Logan.

I used Red Letter Day prints like my much loved orange ducks that I used to make Bryce's baby stuff.

I used leftover bits from the pin wheel quilt I made for my little sister's baby like the green paisley with the baby bottles in it.

And I used fabric bits that were given to me when I lost my baby.

When I lost my baby many friends brought dinner, or treats, or flowers, but one wonderful friend of mine (who just happens to own a fabric store) let me come over and dig through her scrap bin while we talked and take home whatever I wanted.  She knew the therapeutic qualities of  pretty fabric and I felt like this was a very fitting use for those fabrics.  That was where I got the wood print, green chevron, orange dot and many more.  It was like I picked those fabrics to make this quilt.  I just didn't know it at the time.

I know it is kinda a crazy quilt, but I picked each of these fabrics because I loved them and I thought she would love them.  It turned out perfect for my friend.  She is a very fun person with a of personality just like the quilt.

I am so heartbroken for both of our losses, but I am grateful that when she came home I was able to take this quilt to her, hold her close, and tell her I know, it sucks, and I'm sorry.

I think one thing my friend struggled with was that she didn't feel like she was special or deserved any special treatment.  Women go through this all the time so why should she feel special. But people die everyday, children die everyday, women lose babies everyday, but every single person affected by those losses is special.  Your pain, your loss is yours and it is special.  It is uniquely yours and you have every right to feel it.

(deep cleansing breath)  Man these posts are hard to write.  It is kinda like when you get up in church to bare your testimony.  You have so many feelings and thoughts and then you start talking and then you are done and you are not sure you said everything that is in your heart.

I really hope this is the last post of this kind I will ever post.

On a crafty note. I used the yellow brick road pattern as inspiration for this quilt.  It is a really great pattern.  It pieces together quickly and easily.  Also you may notice that I just serged the edges rather than binding it.  I made it really thin and I liked the look of the serged edge.

Monday, February 20, 2012

I Got Bangs

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 As I mentioned on Saturday I got bangs.  It is surprising how doing something as small as getting a hair cut can feel so daring.  But is was time for a change, ya know?

Do you love this picture?  I am calling it "through my daughter's dirty vanity mirror right after church because her room had a mirror and good light, but the Home Teacher were on their way over so I had to take it quick and not care that the mirror was dirty, self portrait."

Anyway... back to the bangs.  I am still getting used to them.  I haven't had bangs since 9th grade and back then they were the kind you curled with the big curling iron.  Ahhh good old 90's bangs.    Hopefully they are cute. I took in a picture of Reese Witherspoon and told her I wanted my hair to look like this.  (only longer and brown)

If only all you had to do was print out a picture and you could look like that.  Wouldn't that be nice?

BTW, do you like the necklace I am wearing?  I made it on Friday.  Necklaces like this are super easy to make.  

You can use any necklace or strand of beads that are connected or separated by little metal loops.  Decide how long you want it and then open up one of the links with a pair of needle nose pliers.  I also have a set of jewelry making pliers, but I didn't know where they were right away, so I just used the needle nose pair from the kitchen drawer.    
  So decide how long you want it, open the link and take off the extra and then close it back up.  The use the left overs to make the extra hanging strands.  Open the end loops on the extra strands and hook them to the necklace.  

Umm I hope that made sense.  It really is easy.  I have seen strands of beads linked like this for a few dollars at places like Walmart even.  So for a few bucks you could easily make yourself a new necklace.  Or maybe just up date one you already have.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

No-reply Comments

I have been thinking about this for the past few weeks.  Kinda ever since my post about the quilt I made for my baby.  So many of you commented and the comments meant so much to me, that I really wanted to respond to each of you, but it seemed like everyone was set to "no-reply comments."  Ummm LAME.
Just in case you have no idea what I am talking about. Let me explain.  You know how when someone comments on your blog you get an email notification?  Well if your account is set to allow people to see you email then when I read your comment all I have to do it click the little reply button and I can reply to your comment.   Oh nice..

You may not even know that you are set to no-reply.  I didn't at first and then once I changed the setting the only difference I noticed was I often get nice little email replies from people after I leave a comment on someones post.

Now doesn't that sound nice?

Last night I came across a really nice post at Tales of the Scotts the tells you exactly how to change your setting.  It is super easy.  So may I please suggest that if you are set to no-reply, please just click on the link and follow the steps.  If you really don't want to, I understand, I just think it is nice to be able to reply more easily.


BTW, I got a bangs today.  SUPER exciting I know.  :)  I think they are pretty cute.  I forgot to take time to get a picture today, I will have a get a picture soon.

Friday Night Features

Friday already?  Man this week has flown by... except today.  The kids didn't have school today and it was a very full day at home with the kids.  All day long it was "Mom can I play with a friend?  Hey mom can I play with a friend?"  I think over the course of the day 10 kids (including my 4) came through my front door. And yet somehow my house was cleaner at the end of the day that is was at the beginning.

So lets see what you have been up to...

I love this desert table from Grey Luster Girl.  The whole thing turned out so cute!  Go check it out.  Can you believe she was worried it wouldn't come together.

Mmmmmm.  Pretty.... I just adore Aubusson Blue Chalk Paint.  Check out this makeover over at A Bit O' Whimsy.

I love this idea from Tuffet Whimsy.  I have so much pretty fabric on my mind lately it would be nice to keep it in view and out of the way.

Somehow CUTE just doesn't seem to cover it.  There is a tutorial at A Little Inspiration.

How great it this fabric?  There is a really great tutorial at Flamingo Toes.  She makes it look so easy.

Seriously??  Can you believe this room from The Painted Hive.  It is SO well done.  I love that table.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines for My Valentine

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I hope you all had a great Valentine's Day.  Mine was a little on the crazy side.  I spent all day running running running.  And since I spent 2 full days just doing stuff with the kids and for the kids, I am now spending today cleaning cleaning cleaning.
But really quickly I wanted to share the valentines I made for my hubby.  I would have shared them earlier, but if I had he would have read my blog and ruined the surprise.

 We don't do big expensive Valentine's Day gift, but Scott can always use more snacks to have at work.

The nuts are my favorite.  It is so over the top for a thing of nuts.  I just hot glued some cute paper right over the label.   It is such an easy thing, but makes a big impact.  I always try to remember that little trick for parties and stuff.  That way you can totally make even the mayo and mustard match the party.

I kinda had to laugh about the amazing wife part.  I am not really that amazing, but lets face it most any wife is amazing.  We do so much.  Sometimes I wish I had a wife... you know what I mean.  Someone to do the dishes, make dinner, put away laundry, take the kids to the doctor, go to the store.  I guess there are always nanny/maids.  That would be nice.

Okay, I am going to go clean my Very VERY gross house before my sweetheart gets home from work.  Have a great day!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Heartbreaker Tees for My Boys....

after all, have you seen these boys?  They are breaking hearts left and right.  Although, I am their mommy so I may be biased.

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Oh man I am a lucky woman to have such cute Valentines!!!

I meant to make these shirts earlier, but I never got around to it.  So I decided to make them today anyway since I think the boys can wear them anytime and they will be super cute on Valentine's Day.

They are SO easy to make.  You will need a tee shirt (I would suggest white, Bryce's shirt just says Heartbreaker because I couldn't see thought the grey stripe), the words Future Heartbreaker printed out in a size and font you like, a sharpie, some kind of red jersey knit (I have a drawer in my craft room where I put the kids old clothes that I think might come in handy for things like this, so my red jersey is an old pair of PJ bottoms), an iron and some of that wonder under fusible stuff.

Start by printing out the words.  Then tape the shirt to the window and tape the paper to the inside of the shirt.  I know this picture is very backlit, but that is the idea. 

Then take your Sharpie and trace the letters.  I like using an extra fine point first and then fill it in with a fine point Sharpie.  I think it gives cleaner lines. 

Then iron the sharpie to really set it and get the shirt all nice and flat.  Have I told you before I have ironing issues???  I iron almost EVERYTHING.  Just not underwear, bedding, and towels.  (oh and socks... that would just be crazy.  Unless you happen to iron your socks and then it is totally normal.)  Anyway, yes iron it nice and hot and really well.  This will keep the sharpie from running when you wash it.  oh and wash them in cold water.

For the heart I cut out a little template, ironed some iron on adhesive on the back side of the red knit, pinned on the heart, and cut it out.

Then just cut the break in the heart and iron that bad boy on.  Now, I chose to do a quick running stitch along the outside to really hold it down, but depending on the iron on stuff you used you may not have to sew it down.  My theory is "if it is for a boy you had better make it tough."

After all, hearts are not the only things they break. :)

I didn't make a tee for Emma (She already has like 4 Valentine's Day type tees) but I still had to include her in the photoshoot. Note her extreme lack of teeth.  The two on the top are totally gone and the two on the bottom are just barely coming back in.

I hope you are all ready for the BIG day tomorrow.  I know I will be up very late getting things ready.