Monday, November 26, 2012

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

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I recently took my kids out to do a little Christmas picture photo shoot.  I took over 1000 pictures of them in about an hour.  In not ONE of those photos are all four of my kids looking at the camera at the same time.

And I decided it just wasn't worth my time editing them to make it look like they were looking at the camera.

On the up side, I have rapid fire on my camera, so when you roll through the pics it is one of the funniest stop motion shorts you have ever seen.

I hope you have had a wonderful start to the holiday season.  About a week before Thanksgiving my little Bryce started asking "Is it Christmas season yet?"  And when we got home from Thanksgiving dinner and I gave the kids their new Christmas jammies Bryce once again asked "Is it Christmas season now?"  When Scott and I finally answered him with the long awaited yes he started dancing around the room singing "Yay, It's Christmas Season."  This was made all the more cute because his new Christmas jammies make him look a lot like Buddy the Elf.

I am not sure who taught him about Christmas traditions, but his little 2-year-old mind is keeping us on our toes.  Right away on Friday morning Bryce was in our room proclaiming that it was morning and we needed to get the lights on the house.   A little after noon he had worn us down, so Scott and I (7 mos pregnant) are out putting up the lights.  Just as we are finishing up the bottom row Bryce runs up, looks at the lights on the house and says the sweetest "Oh, Thank you guys!" you have ever heard.  Then he took a step back, furrowed his brow,  and said "hey, you need to do the top!"  We still haven't done the second story and every time we pull up to the house Bryce reminds me that we NEED lights on top too.

This is how it has gone all weekend.  Every time I was in the kitchen make a meal Bryce would come in and asked if I was making Christmas cookies yet.  He made sure we got the tree up and decorated and the stockings hung.   He is a funny kid.

I just love this time of year.  I love cuddling with my little ones in the glow of the tree watching Christmas movies, going to see all the lights, and the magic of the season.

So I have come to a very important decision.  

I am putting Corner House on Holiday/Maternity leave until mid-January.   

I want take the next 7 weeks and focus on my family without having to think about the post I still have sitting open and not finished on my computer.  Plus I am tired and have so much to do to get ready for Christmas, Bryce's birthday, and our sweet new sister arriving that I just don't have it in me.  

I hope you will understand.   My readers really mean a lot to me.  Every comment and email brighten my day and make me feel connected to so many of you, so I really don't want to go away.

I will be back and when I come back I will have tons to share (since I plan on having the nursery all ready, and it is going to be AWESOME.  If I do say so myself.)

In the meantime I truly hope you have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and a Happy New Year!!

And yes my kids just started kissing each other for the picture.  I didn't even tell them to do it.  It must be part of the magic of the season.

With so much love,

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

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I will give you the full lowdown on making their costumes.  For now we hope you have a safe and MAGICAL Halloween. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

DIY Harry Potter Wands

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My four crazies are bring the cast of Harry Potter for Halloween this year.  Namely Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Draco.

It has been a lot of fun looking up all the little details and then figuring out of to do it all on the cheap.

My kids are super excited about their wands.

The wands were very easy and cheap and I hate to knock my photography skills, but they look better in person.  To make your own wands all you need are chopsticks (I got mine at the dollar store, 5 pairs for $1), hot glue, and glossy acrylic paint.  You can also add beads and stuff, but you you don't need them.  All I had to do was buy the chopsticks, so for me these were about $.10 each, but even if you factor in the glue and paint these wands are coming in under $.50 each.  

To decorate your wands you pretty much just add hot glue to your chopsticks and paint it.  So easy right?  You can play around with the glue.  I found that if you put the glue on thick and let it cool a little you can twirl it and mold it.   And if you kinda go up and down it makes a wood type grain.  Bryce REALLY wanted me to add a ball on the end of his (even though it doesn't stay true what Draco's wand looks like.)

I used this picture as a guide when making their wands.

I found that a lot of glue is good.

As soon as the wands were dry the kids were running around the house casting spells at each other.  I wish I could remember some of the spells they were saying, because they were pretty silly.   

Monday, October 22, 2012

My Halloween Mantel

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I have one of those mantles that has a big 'ol tv above it (not very pretty).  It seemed like a good idea when we were building the house, but ever since I have always wished I had a mantel that I could properly decorate.  And by properly decorate I mean put stuff there and not have my husband be annoyed because something is blocking the remote receiver.  

But piano tops make good mantles too.

I actually have big plans to make my piano awesome, but for Halloween having it all old looking kinda adds to the effect.

I have a tutorial for the pumpkins here.

Super Cute Cutting Boards

Normally I wouldn't post about this, but...

They are the really nice temper glass kind.  My mother in law has a tempered glass cutting board that she got when she got married and she is still using it on a daily basis (that is like 32 years of use).  So go get yourself one and while you are at it get one for your sister for Christmas and your niece for her wedding next month. 
 You get the idea.   :)

Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Night Features - Awesome Fall/Halloween Mantels

Most my Halloween decorations are sitting in a pile on a table in my front room.  Everyday I walk (well more like waddle) past them and think "today I am going to decorate for Halloween."  So tomorrow I am going to decorate for Halloween.  I would say tonight, but currently I have to get up off my butt and finish making a cake and cookies that will be picked up tomorrow.  

After seeing so many great mantles I am really excited to get it done.  And I wish I had more crows.  

 Awesome goth glam.

I love the fairytale villain theme.

Great fall colors with a pop of aqua.

It is so bright and whimsical (if you can call a Halloween mantle that).

Such a creative way to make spooky art.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Count Down to Candy... The Time Has Come

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I really enjoy adding something new every year.   The first year we were in this house I made my hanging trees.  Which it a super easy craft.  I just spray painted some branches and hung a few dollar store skeletons on them.  

 That same year I made this wreath.  Which I love, but after a few years it is fun to change things up a bit.

So this year I took off the skeletons and layered it with this cute sign I got.   I love the pop of color.

Then last year I made my Count Down To Candy sign.

And this year I added the black and white lanterns and a new mat.

When I got out all my Halloween stuff I looked at the cute rainbow striped doormat I had replaced my old one with this summer and realized it just couldn't stay on my halloween porch.  But I also didn't want to go without a mat and I didn't want to spend money on a new one this year.  So I went to the dollar store.

And found this cutie.  The tag on it says it is a doormat, but it seems more like a placemat or something.  It would definitely blow away at the slightest wind and it looks pretty wimpy in front of my door.

My solution was to cut it up and hot glue it to these cement blocks I just happen to have laying around.  I picked a broken on purpose.  I think it looks more Halloweeny

It is really easy.  Just cut it in half the long way.  Then cut it so that the middle piece fits the size of the blocks and then hot glue them down.  So far the hot glue it holding just fine.  My front door doesn't get that much use.  We mostly use the garage door and the kids mostly use the back door when they go out to play.  I am not use how well it would hold up in a high traffic or snowy area.

I love pumpkins.  I am sure I will collect many more over the next few weeks. 

So tell me, do you decorate your porch for the big day?  I would love to see it.   Please share a link in the comments.