Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Calling all winners

okay, if you were one of my Saying Thanks Day of Giveaways winners and you have not received an email from me PLEASE send me a quick email so I will have your email and I will get your info passed on so you can get your prizes.

I am looking for JL, annemaire, Sherrie (bird lady), The Creative Hick, and sandyandcosmo.  I don't know what the deal is, but my computer will not let me email you guys so please email me laura(at)cornerhouseblog.com.


Monday, November 28, 2011

Winter Wonderland Wreath

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  I know I did.  We decided to head up to Washington to visit family.   It was SO nice.  The kids had a blast having sleepovers with cousins and the adults actually played games.
 It is about a 12 hour drive from our house to Seattle and the kids were amazingly good the whole time.  Unfortunately the kids got some kind of stomach bug in Seattle (I blame it on eating lunch on cement tables outside at Pikes Market, it is fun, but not really very sanitary).  Anyway I lost count of the number of times I had to turn around to catch throw up in a plastic grocery sack.  I think it was around 18 during the long drive home.
Even with the less than fun drive home the trip was still totally worth it.  Sadly, I came home to a street full of Christmas lights aglow and my house still had fall leaves and pumpkins all over the porch.  You should have heard Emma, who is 7, freaking out about what loosers we were and how we needed to get our Christmas stuff up right away.

Suddenly I feel SO behind.   I spent the day unpacking, doing tons of laundry, and buying Christmas presents on-line.  I only have a few more gifts to buy.  Wish me luck.  I am hoping to find a few more really good deals without having to wait in any long lines.

So, today I want to share with you my winter wonderland wreath.  It is one of the few Christmas decorations I have up.

Do you want to know how to make one of your own?

You are going to need:
A STYROFOAM wreath (I used an 18" wreath because I wanted it big, but that size was a beast, so you may want to use a 12" wreath, it goes a lot faster.)
A pack of white card stock (about 50 sheets)
A 3" scalloped circle paper punch
Cut out paper snowflakes (I used my silhouette to cut them out)
A small strand of white Christmas lights
berry sprigs
2 packs of dollar store snow flakes
little pine cones
glitter blast diamond dust spray paint
glue gun and glue

Wrap your Christmas lights around the wreath.  Easy enough so far.  You may notice the computer in the back ground.  Yes, this is a "watch a move while you do it" kind of project.  Also, you will see I pressed the plugie-ine end of the lights into the wreath so it is all nice a tucked away.  If you are planning on hanging this somewhere where it will not be easy to plug it in you may want to get those battery powered lights.

Before the wreath is too covered in paper, tie a ribbon or whatever you are planning to hang it with on the top.

Next, I attached the snowflakes to the lights.  I cut them down the middle and them glued the two open sides together so it kinda makes a cone shape.  Oh and I would like to point out that you do not need to worry about the lights catching the paper on fire.  Paper burns at 451 degrees and little Christmas lights will not get anywhere near that hot.

Next I glitter blasted the pine cones and glued them on around the wreath. Sorry I forgot to take pictures of this part, but I have faith that you guys can do it with out them.

Next make your cones.
You are going to need A LOT of cones.  Like 300+ cones.  I like to make some skinny and some fat and some short and some long.  So just make all kinds.  Also I make the cones as I go, but you can make 300 first and put them on.  Just put a dab of glue on the point and press it into the STYROFOAM.  I used a 3 inch paper punch to cut out the circles.

I also glued on plastic and paper snow flakes as I go.  I laid some right on top of the wreath and then I broke a few and stuck them in.

keep going until the whole thing is covered.

And you are done.    YAY!

Hang it on the door.

or inside.

I am still trying to decide where I am going to hang it.  I love it as part of  this Christmas vignette.  

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Winter Wonderland Snow Globes

When I thought of these snow globes I totally thought I was being so original, then low and behold Anthropologie totally stole my idea.  The JERKS.  No, I am sure they didn't do it on purpose.

Mine are better than theirs anyway, because mine are on the cute little stands and mine were $18 for 5 and theirs are $25- $30 EACH.

Start by gathering up some supplies.

Okay, get yourself some jars. (they are like .25 at thrift stores.)  I also used a baby food jar.  It is so cute.  Get little wood candle sticks and wood discs to make the bases, some trees from the dollar store, some 3 inch foam balls, white spray paint and hot glue.

To make the wood bases just get little wood disks and candle stick things.  Glue them together and to the top of the jar lids, then spray them white.

Cut a STYROFOAM ball to put the trees on inside the jars.  I sanded it using another piece of STYROFOAM.  Glue the STYROFOAM disk to the base and the tree to the disk.

To make the snow I used a little of the iridescent snowflakes from a craft store mixed with snow I made by rubbing two pieces of foam together.  I put a little snow in the jar screw it on the the base, shook it around and enjoyed my new snow globes.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Saying Thank You Day of Giveaways - Winners

 And the winners are...

Danettekay Creations $30 gift certificate
who said "My fav is the boy Sock Monkey Hat. Great work Danette!!"

Lily Bella Fabric $20 gift certificate
who said "I would buy some Amy Butler fabric - love all of it."

Pillow cover of your choice form The Orangerie

Sherrie (Bird Lady)

who said "Love the fabric flowers, and I really love the bird pillow cover, since I am the Bird Lady!"

Ornament of your choice from Younique Ornaments
The Creative Hick
who said "I think the "All that Glitters" and the "Watercolor" ornaments are beautiful!"

A box for Christmas cookies from me
who said "Your neighbors are so lucky! I would love to win some yummy treats!"

Congrats to all the winners!!! 

Monday, November 21, 2011

Wise Men Still Seek Him Christmas Sign

I am so ready to start Christmas decorating.  Bring on the tree
 Although, some how I know that is will be the year someone will knock over the tree (cough...Bryce).  We have never had a Christmas tree get knocked over before, but we have also never had a almost 2 year old Bryce before.  Don't worry when it happens I will take pictures and tell you all about it.  I am actually considering nailing the tree stand to the floor.  Is that weird?

Anyway, I have been SO good this year about not decorating the house for Christmas super early.  I have only done this one lone vignette at the top of my stairs.

And I only put this stuff out because I made most of it and it seemed silly to put it away for a week... right?  That would have been silly?

Today I am going to share with you how I made the "Wise Men still Seek Him" sign.

I started by laying down some leftover 2x6's I had from building the boy's bunk beds.  You can use pallet wood, cut down fence posts or whatever.  I just lined them up and screwed them to some 1x4's I also had laying around.  Yup so far this sign was FREE.   Oh yeah, the 2x6 are cut to 21 inches.  The over all sign is 21x33 inches.

Next, I used a water based express color wood stain.  I just brushed it on nice and thick and let it sit for about 15 min.

Then I took a lint free cloth (it started out white) and rubbed the stains off.  I did have to rinse out the cloth a few times.

Next, I got the kids ready to go play in the first snowfall of the year.  Come to think of it, you could probably skip this step.

I used my Silhouette to cut the "stencil" for the letters out of vinyl.  I used vinyl because I was going to be glitter blasting it and I didn't want to risk getting it under the stencil.

And since I was going to glitter blast it I covered everything up before I painted it.

I painted the SEEK HIM all white because I really wanted it to stand out.  I let the paint dry, and the I sprayed all the words with a nice thick layer of Diamond Dust Glitter Blast.  (This was my first time using Glitter Blast spray paint.  Word of advice, buy it at a craft store with a 40% off coupon and shake it up a LOT before you spray it.)

Next, I alter Emma's choir t-shirt for her concert.  Ummm okay, this step is also probably not necessary either, but can you tell how her shirt has cute little sleeves that actually fit her.  (she it the one in the white boots.)

To make the star I printed out an 8 point star I found on-line.  I printed it out basically 8.5x11.  Then I glued it to a sheet of STYROFOAM and used a kitchen knife to cut it out.  To sand the edges nice and smooth and use a scrap of foam.  (You may want to save your foam scraped for another project.)

To make it all pretty I sprayed it with gold spray paint and then glitter blasted it.

Once it was dry I hot glued the star to the sign.

Best thing about this sign... the end cost too me was FREE.
I love free awesomeness.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Friday Night Features - Time Out For Women

This weekend I had the AMAZING experience to go to a little thing called Time Out For Women (if you call like 5000 women at the Salt Lake event and like 20 events all over the place a little thing).  Now, let me make it clear, they are in no way monetarily compensating me for this post.  In fact I didn't even get a tote bag (and after all isn't it all about the tote bag?), but no hard feelings.  It was amazing and they did give me a chocolate truffle bar. (my favorite kind)

If you are unfamiliar with Time Out For Women, it is a 2 day conference for Latter Day Saint Women (although non-LDS women are 100% welcome to come), where these totally awesome people talk to you about being a daughter of God, and finding happiness, and reaching out for the honey even when there is a leopard circling above and there is darkness beneath and there are mice gnawing away at your branch (did I loose you on that one?)  Yeah... I guess you had to be there.  Just trust me, the honey is the good stuff and you have got to reach out for it.  I came away completely spiritual feed.  I am not even sure you can say spiritually feed... have you ever been on a cruise and they just feed you SO MUCH food that by the time you are walking off the boat at the end of the cruise you feel like you are waddling off the boat.  Yes, I was spiritually waddling away when it was over.  BTW did other people have the experience on cruises or was it just because I was so pregnant the one time I when on a cruise?

Sorry back on track.  This year's theme was "Choose to Become."  Are you thinking "choose to become what?" Choose to become whatever it is that you need to become.  Now they made it clear they were not saying that choosing to become means adding more to what I sure it a very busy and hectic life.  Don't choose that.  In fact when they said that at the conference my mother-in-law who I was sitting next to kinda elbowed me a little.  I am some what know for taking on too much stuff and doing more that I should (I am a little bit crazy and possible should choose to become less crazy... but one step at a time.  I may become not crazy someday.  Anyway, their challenge was to look at your life and choose to become something that would make your life closer to what you want it to be.

I have done a lot of soul searching and and I have chosen to what I want to choose to become.   Now I am going to warn you this is a little personal, but that is fine.  I feel like putting it out there makes it real.

I choose to become better.  

This may need some explaining, but I guess there are two things that you should know about me.  The first is that I choose for myself at the age of 19 that I didn't like the path I was on.   It wasn't that bad, it is not like I would have ended up in jail or something, but because I had been baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints when I was 11,  (not too long after my family became very not active in the church and I also had a very "colorful" home life) I had seen the example of families in the LDS faith and I knew what they had was what I wanted for my life.  Choosing to be LDS was the first big decision in my life that I made for myself, and for me it has made all the difference.

The second thing you should know is that I suffer from depression.  Man, even now I hate to admit that.  It is a hard thing.  I don't like it.  I don't want to have it and I try to pretend to don't have it, but I do.   And with every pregnancy I have had it seems to get worse. I have to admit that there are days that I just can't find happiness and I feel kinda anxious.  I honestly feel completely detached for those I love.  And on those days it is hard to feel close to my loving Heavenly Father.

So choosing to become better means that I am choosing to turn to the light every day (even the hard days) and allowing that light to bring me closer to Heavenly Father, my Savior, my husband, and my children.  I am sure it will not be easy.  And I am sure there will be days that I fall short, but I am choosing today to be better.

There are so many wonderful little insights that I want to share with you, but I think I will save those for tomorrow.  I also have some really awesome Christmas craft tutorials that I totally love and can't wait to share with you, but those will have to wait until Monday.
Here is a little sneek peek.

 Tonight, I still want to do my Friday Night Features (I know it is Saturday) because I just love you all so much and you work so hard and I was sad that I missed out on sharing all your awesomeness.

So simple and yet I am totally in love.

What a great Tween room.  love love love

I love Anthropologie, but I love a good Anthro knock off better.

I think I may have to make this for our Christmas Eve party.

Such a beautiful piece of furniture.

I feel as if I must eat one of these RIGHT NOW! 

They are all so wonderful.  I am so grateful that these amazing women took the time to share these projects.  

Don't forget, you have until midnight Monday to enter my Saying Thank You Giveaways.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Saying Thank You Day of Giveaways - Christmas Cookie

So for the final giveaway of the day I am giving away something made by me.

In a few weeks I am going to start Christmas baking.  And I am so excited.

I love baking TONS of cookies to giveaway to family, friends, teachers, and neighbors (I guess neighbors count as friends.)

And this year I will be making a box and shipping them off to one of you.  Hopefully there will at least be a few of you who are interested in this giveaway.

The winner of this giveaway will receive a box of Christmas treats made by me.  It will be the say thing I am going to make for my neighbors.

To enter the giveaway all you have to do is be a Corner House follower and leave a comment on this post.

I guess if you want an extra entry you can facebook or tweet about this giveaway. (one entry for each)

Be sure to enter the other Saying Thank You giveaways.