Monday, October 31, 2011

For the LOVE!?!

Don't you HATE it when you have this idea that you think is great and you are totally planning to making it very soon and then you see it on someone else's blog.  It is so upsetting to realize that I am not as clever or original as I thought!  And to make it worse this idea was something I was planing on for a guest post for someone else's blog.   And now I need to decide if I am still going to do it or if I have to hurry and come up with something else.  SO LAME.....  oh well.  It happens all the time.  You know what they say about great minds.

Thanks for letting me rant a little.  :)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Night Features - Awesome Halloween Stuff

Isn't this cake AMAZING from Snowy Bliss?  I really want to make on, but she used a little cake ball making thing that I don't have so I will have to think of another way to make it.

I love how this mantle from 52 Mantels is creepy and still pretty.

This wreath from Crafty Sisters is just too CUTE!

Note to self:  Make this garland from Sweet Little Smoothie for Halloween next year.

I wish I had time to make these awesome candle sticks from Between U & Me.  They would be an awesome center piece at a Halloween dinner party.

Oh it is all SO fun.   I am so excited that Halloween is ALMOST here!  Are you ready yet?  I still have a few more things to get done.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Bunk Room for my Boys

So guess what!  I got 2nd on Crafting with the Stars.

I know it is kinda out of order and I have a ton of other stuff to share with all of you , but I just couldn't wait to share the tutorial for my final project with all of you.

But first off can I just say Thank You from the bottom of my heart to all those who voted.  Even if you didn't vote for me.  I was talking to a friend of mine last night and she realized that she had voted for Jess and Monica's pallet wall instead of my bunk-wall and I said "It's okay I probably would have voted for theirs too. :)"  But really this was such a crazy journey to go on and I have learned so much.

So onto bunk-wall building.

Creating a bunk wall was something I have been wanting to do in my boys' room for quite a while and when the final week of competition fell on the same week as my little Logan's 4th birthday, I knew I had to make him a new bed.  You see back when Logan was potty training (not peeing his pants all the time and now caring about it)  I told him I would give him ANYTHING if he would just stop peeing his pants.  The one thing is all the world he wanted was a big yellow bed.

I started by looking at plans for beds on Knock off Wood and decided that I really liked the look of the simple bed.  So I turned it into a bunk wall unit.

Building this unit took a LOT of wood.

Shopping List:
14 - 1x6 boards 8' length
12 - 1x4 boards 8' length
  9 - 2x4 boards 8' length
12 - 2x2 boards 8' length
  8 - 2x6 boards 8' length

liquid nails
wood filler
1 1/4 " nails
2" nails
2 1/2" screws
4" screws  (48)

Measuring Tape
safety glasses

Cut list:
20 - 1x6 cut to 38 1/2" (headers)
86 - 1x6 cut to 2 1/2" (spacers)
36 - 1x4 cut to 30 1/2" (headboard rails)
12 - 2x4 cut to 42" (headboard posts)
  6 - 2x4 cut to 48" (top of headboard)

for the frame
  8 - 2x2 cut to 75 1/2"
  8 - 2x2 cut to 35 1/2"
  8 - 2x6 cut to 74"

Wow that was a lot of cutting.  Are you still with me?  So basically you are making 6 headboards and 4 bed frames.

Let's start with the headboards shall we?  To make the headboard, lay down two 1x6 headers.  Then lay down the spacers and rails alternating across the two headers.  (It's actually more fun than it sounds)

Nail those bad boys in with the 1 1/4" nails.  If you are lucky enough to have a nail gun I would use it.  I have a hammer so I used that... on all 6 headboards.

Then add some liquid nails and sandwich the spacers and rails with two more 1x6 headers.  This time use 2" nails to make it nice and strong.

Next you are going to add your 2x4 posts.  You are going to need to pre-drill holes in the post and then drill 4' screws through the posts into the top and bottom of the header.  Use 2 screws for the top and 2 for the bottom.  That is 4 screws per post.

Now, to make the bed fit nicely on the wall, I placed the panel to the back edge of the post for the headboards at the head of the beds.  I centered the panels on the posts for the center headers and I placed them on the outer edge for the other end of the bed.  Got that?

Now don't put the 2x4 tops on the headboards for the bottom level headboards yet.  You will want to use 2 1/2" screws to screw the tops onto the tops of the upper level headboards and screw the tops for the bottom level headboards onto the bottom of the upper level headboards.  I used 4 screws per headboard.  At this point I also did a little sanding where needed and filled in any seams I felt were not pretty.

Now I took the headers and my cut pieces for my frame into the room to assemble it all.  I started by using 3 inch screws to screw the 35 1/2" 2x2 into the headers.  (Use a lot of them).  Then I used 2 1/2" screws to screw the 75 1/2" 2x2 into the outer edge of the 35 1/2" 2x2s.  This really is an exciting part because they FINALLY start to look like a bed and not just a whole lot of pieces of wood.  Next you want to put on your 2x6 siderails. (you can see one on the bed in the left in the picture above.)  Screw through the 2x2 into the 2x6 with the 2 1/2"screws about every foot.  You want these to be nice and strong.

Now add on the upper level.  You can see in this picture how I put the headboard tops on the top and bottom of the upper level headboards.  I used 4 screws (alternating the angle of the screw) to screw on the upper level headboards.  The frames build in just like the lower level.

Then, all you have to do is fill in any spots with your wood filler, sand and paint and sand and paint.  

And then stand back and be all like... "Yeah, I built that all by myself."  Only may I suggest not building this by yourself.  You have to do some pretty tricky maneuvers to hold those boards in place while screwing them in.

I actually still have a TON to do in the room (like build ladders, safety rails, cool shelves, a desk, curtains, and a train table), but the bunk-wall was a BIG part of that and it is very nice to have my sweet little boy no longer sleeping in an old little toddler bed.  

Monday, October 24, 2011

You Know What You Got to Do

The final round of Crafting with the Stars is open for voting.  Please head over to Sew Dang Cute Crafts and VOTE!  
I am so excited to see how it all turns out.  This competition has been a wild ride and now it is coming to an end.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pinterest Love - Dreamy Places (you know like only in my dreams would I live somewhere like this)

Love the door, love the color, love it!

Yeah this is my weekend house...  Actually I think it is Martha Stewart's.  kidding

I would love to decorate for Christmas in a house like that!  Awesome porch.  

My summer home in Alaska.  

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Results Are In

My bedroom made it through round 3 of Crafting with the Stars!  Yay!

I will give you full tutorials on how I made the headboard, wall molding, nightstands, pillows, lamp shades, and recovering the chair starting next week.  I will let you know now that I got all my pretty fabrics at Lily Bella for this project.  Just in case you are wondering.  And before I start the bedroom tutorials I have some rather awesome Halloween projects I just haven't had time to post.  For this week I am CRAZY busy working on my FINAL round project.  It is going to be awesome! (I kinda sang that part)... If I get it done.

The final round is...

BTW This little boy turned 4 yesterday.  I love him so much and he is just so CUTE that I had to share that with all of you.  He was the worlds sweetest birthday boy.  Every present (even when he opened the one that was actually his jacket he left at his Grandma's house) he got so excited about and was so grateful for.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Yardstick Buffet Tutorial

 I am so excited to be sharing this tutorial with all of you today.  But first I would like to remind all of you that Crafting with the Stars Week 3 is open for voting until Tuesday night at 10pm.  SO PLEASE go vote! and if you could vote for mine that would be REALLY awesome.  To bad I can't tell you which one it is and they are all really great.

On to the buffet...

It was really a lot of fun to create.  Let's get right to the tutorial, shall we?

First you are going to need to get your hands on a LOT of yardsticks.   You will find the best priced and coolest yardsticks at antique type stores.  Call around and see what you can find, they should be between $1 and $3 depending on size and how old they are.  You can also find yardsticks at teacher supply stores, Office Depot type stores, craft and fabric stores, Walmart, Lowes, and Home Depot.  I am going to warn you that craft and hobby store charge like $5 to $7 for their yardsticks.  I didn't buy any yardsticks that were more that $4.99.

Alright...  I think we have fully covered getting the yardsticks.

On to the buffet.

I picked this pretty piece up at DI for $30.  It is a SOLID piece.  I started by removing the pulls and the using  the good old hitting the end of a flat head screw driver with a hammer trick to remove the scalloped trim. Already it looked SO much better.

I painted the whole thing with about 3 coats of blue paint (with the exception of the doors, they got one coat).    I recently realized I have been using surprising number of Martha Stewart products lately.  I kinda feel like Martha and I have gotten pretty close the last few months.  I am not sure if it is because her stuff is just always good stuff, or if it because there is just so much of it out there that I can't help but buy her products.  Anyway, the paint is Martha Stewart Plumage.  While painting and sanding and painting and sanding and painting again I decided to leave the legs and bottom of the buffet with the wood stain it already had.  Once it was painted I used my FAVORITE glaze to give it a warn look.  BTW it is Martha Stewart Black Coffee Glaze and it is so pretty.

While my paint was drying I cut my yardsticks to fit horizontally on the drawers and vertically on the doors.  To attach the yardsticks I first used liquid nails in a caulk gun and then I nailed down the ends of any sticks that weren't laying right.

Once all the sicks were on and the liquid nails was dry I used restoration oil and a clean (lint free) cloth to stain the yardsticks.  The older sticks went really dark and the newer ones barely changed color at all.  This gave the front a really nice stripey look.  Although you don't know for sure what color the wood will turn when you use the oil, try to think about the end result and stagger the old sticks and the new ones.

Okay, we are really close to being done.

That is a pretty picture huh.  Anyway I did have to re-drill the holes for the pulls and since I made it thinker with the sticks on the front I had to drill the back a little wider so the screw could go all the way through.  And that is it.  oh, by the way the pulls are also Martha Stewart pulls from Home Depot.  See what I mean... I just can't escape her.  It is like she reading my mind.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Very Important Day for Me

Today I celebrate the gift of having my amazing Alan Boy in my life.

It was 2 years ago today that my then 3 year old Alan was playing up stairs in his room, when he unlocked, opened, and fell 19 feet out his bedroom window into the basement window well below.  
Today I would like to remind all of you to PLEASE install extra window locks on your windows.  I had warned him about playing near windows, he was playing happily and quietly in his room, and the window was closed and locked and in a matter of moments I could have lost him.  I never want another Mother or child to go through what we had to go through.

We now have the Safety 1st band installed to that the windows can be opened 3 inches in the kids rooms.  You can buy them a Target, Toys R us, online, and probably Walmart and anywhere else like that.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Yay! I made it

through round 2 of Crafting With The Stars.

Now onto round 3!  It's...

Ooooo you all know how much I love FABRIC!
It is going to be a busy busy week!

Count Down to Candy - Halloween Advent Porch Sign

I shared the tutorial for my Count Down to Candy sign on I (heart) Naptime recently and now I am please to share it here with all of you.

I have really enjoyed having it on my porch and so have the neighborhood kids (and their moms).

Alright let's get started on this sign.  First you are going to need to get a few things.

Shopping List:
8 - 5.5"X6' wood fence posts (cut to 2.5' long- by the nice guy at Home Depot)
2 - 2"x2"x8'pieces of wood cut to 7'
1.5" nails
paint (white, black, yellow, orange)
paint brushes
about 10 pieces of card stock
2 pieces of cute paper
2 little clip boards
and your silhouette.  (If you don't have one I guess you will just have to go get one.  Kidding.  I will tell you how to do it with out a silhouette, but it just just faster and easier with one.)

You will start by laying out your 2x2 boards about 1.5 feet apart. I put them against a wall at one end to make sure they were level.  Then lay out your shorter wood pieces on the boards so you can get a good idea of how you want them.

Sorry these pictures are the best I could get, I made this down in my basement (due to the fact that is was NAP TIME).  Anyway, now you just want to nail your boards down.  

I moved a few boards as I was working so I could see where the 2x2 were.  I used 4 nails per board; and if as you are nailing one of the nails bends over don't worry about it, just hammer it in and move on.

Once it is all nailed you want to beat it a little.  Feel free to hit it with what ever you have around.  I like to use the the back of a hammer or a screw driver.

Then you want to white wash it.  I like a 1 part paint to 1 part water ratio to make the wash.  Paint on the wash like you would normally and then let it dry.  I like the wash because it lets some of the wood natural prettiness show through.

While that is drying, use you silhouette to cut out your words.  If you don't have a silhouette you can just print out the words and then rub the back with a lot of chalk (not white) and the put that up to the wood and trace over the letters with a pencil and it will make the letters on the board so you can paint them in. 

Back to the stencils.  Put your stencils up on the sign.
(100,000 points if you can see how I where I messed up)

Now once I had my letters up there I decided that I want some of the candy corns to be under the letters, so I moved some of the stencils to add in the candy corn.

I just painted them on and them sanded them off before painting on the letters.

(Oh look two of those nails that didn't go into the wood nicely. cute)

Now paint in your letters.

I used those cheap foam brushes for the stencils.

Once your letters are dry you will want to sand them.

For the count down, I nailed up two little clip boards and then just cut out letters and glued them to cute paper.

To finish it off I free hand painted the little bunting and the spider.  I know... my art skills are AMAZING. Possibly I shouldn't joke with you guys like that.  You may not know I am joking.

Oh BTW I used the fonts Crackhouse, Addict, and Adler.  Maybe if you already have those you can save yourselves hours not having to look though and find a font you want.

Once it is all together all you have to do is put it on your porch and count down to what is really important.  CANDY!