Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Count Down to Candy - Halloween Advent Porch Sign

Today I am sharing a tutorial for my new count down to candy sign on I (heart) Nap Time.  It is perfect for helping kids remember the true meaning of Halloween.... CANDY!  

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ombre Chocolate Ruffle Cake

I recently made this cake for a ward party.  I think it was good.  I cut into it and went to eat dinner and when I came back it was basically gone.  I was planning on taking a picture of the pretty ombre cake layers inside, but there was not enough left to photograph.

To make this cake you will need to make two batches of cake, one dark and one light.  The first layer will be only the dark batter.  Then add some light to the dark.  Mix it up really well and use that to for the next layer.  Then add a little more light to the darker batter and use that for the third layer, and the last layer it just the light batter.

Once they are cool stack up your layers dark to light.  I put chocolate frosting between the layers.  Then just for a little extra fun I made the cake skinnier at the top and fatter at the bottom.  To do this I put a little plate on the top and then trimmed away the extra down to the bottom.

Then to frost it I first smooth frosted the top and sprinkled it with mini chocolate chips.  Then I used the ruffle cake technique, but instead of using the rose tip I used my 3M tip.

The recipes
Devils Food Chocolate Chip Cake
One box of Devils Food cake mix
One large size box of chocolate pudding
4 eggs
1 cup vegetable oil
1 cup sour cream
1/2 cup water
2 cups mini chocolate chips

Lighter Chocolate Cake
One box white cake mix
One larger size box of chocolate pudding
4 eggs
1 cup vegetable oil
1 cup sour cream
1/2 cup water

Chocolate Frosting
1 cup butter
1 cup shortening
2 lbs powder sugar
about 4 table spoons coco powder
milk to the desired consistency

Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Night Features and Round One CWTS announced

So the first round of Crafting with the Stars was announced today.

It is so exciting.   Everyone's project will be posted over at Sew Dang Cute on Monday October 5th for voting. Make sure you go check it out.

Now on to the features...

Check out the awesomeness.  Such a beautiful transformation you can check it out at Lovely etc.

I love this lovely end table from Mama Says Sew.  I also love this pretty picture of it.

YUMMMM!  and pretty.  I am definitely going to have to try this cheesecake from Munchkin Munchies.

These are SO STINKING CUTE.  You have to go over to Sugar Swings! Serve Some and check out the cool fall flavors.

I love all the pretty texture on this wreath from Today's Fabulous Finds.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Need I say more?    I am so freaked out excited.  It is going to be AWESOME!!!!

Go check out all the details and my competition @ Sew Dang Cute.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Few Quick Fixes

I put it off as long as I could but I have started my Halloween  Fall decorating.  
I really love decorating for Halloween, but I am trying not to make it too Halloween-y until at least this weekend (at least on the out side of the house, that is).

One small problem... my wreath was a little too Halloween, so I took off the little skeletons and stuck in a little fall sprig.  Problem solved.  The other quick fix was the door mat.  I really liked my door mat, but it had gotten kinda faded looking.  I have been looking for a new one and can't seem to find one where I like the look and the price of it.  So I grabbed a thing of spray paint and sprayed it black.  I looks so much better.

Happy Fall

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Pinterest Love

Straight from my boards to you.  Mwah!

Happy Pinning!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Weekend Treat - 3 Little Monkeys

Recently I had the privilege to make the birthday cakes for a friend of mines triplet's first birthday.   Right away when she said "sock monkey theme," I thought of these cakes.

Since Sock Monkeys are all white and brown speckled I first made the brown fondant and then rolled it in zested white chocolate.  Also since these cakes were for babies I didn't put any supports in the monkeys or cakes making these cakes 100% eatable.  

Oh the cuteness

Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Night Features

So simply beautiful!  I am totally inspired by this wreath from Little Tings Bring Smiles.

I am also loving this one from The 36th Ave.   I really like the welcome beads.  I saw those birds at the dollar store and I am kicking myself for not buying them.

Love the colors, love the leaves.  Christie from Store House Crafts did a really great job here.

It is possible I have a thing for wreaths...  the texture on this book page rosette wreath from Sugar and Dots is awesome and I do even want to think about how long it took to make 232 of those rosettes.  Totally worth it.

Okay enough with the cute wreaths.  I also think I am going to have to make myself some poison bottles this year.  I really like these from The Messy Roost.  Oh and look another one of those birds I didn't buy.  I hope there are still a few left at the dollar store on Monday.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cherry Vanilla Buttercream

This frosting turned out so good. At least that is what my kids official taste testers told me.

It is very light, very creamy, and wonderfully sweet (especially if you like Cherry Vanilla)

Cherry Vanilla Buttercream

1 and 1 half cups of butter (soft)
1 half cup of shortening
2 lbs of powdered sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tsp cherry extract
about 3-4 TBS milk (i use whole milk because I have a baby in the house who drinks whole milk and hey if you are going to be bad and eat a cupcake you might as will make it GOOD)

Start by whipping together your butter and shorting.   You want to beat it in a mixer until really nice and smooth.  Slowly add in the powder sugar.   It is not going to look like much at this point.  Add in your extracts and then add in the milk little bits at a time until it look the consistency you want it.  Then mix it just a little bit longer to make it really fluffy.  

This recipe will make enough to fancy frost 24 cupcakes.

Mmmmm, it may be fall, but it still tastes like summer at my house.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Holiday Skirts Time!!!!

Are you as excited as I am?  The time has come for me to start making my holiday skirts.  These little puppies are some of my favorite things to make and they are always a big hit.  They were even featured last year on Nickelodeon's Parents Connect as a must have Holiday accessory.  And I am excited to announce that I have deiced to only sell them here on my blog.  So from now on in the top right of my pages you will see a "My Shop" link.  You can go there and see any of the skirt I already have pre-made and as always you can email me to see if I can do a custom order.

Sadly this year I will not be making as many Halloween skirts as I have in years past, so here is the deal.  I will be making  Halloween skirts this week and that will most likely be it for Halloween skirts this year.  So if you want to claim one now and buy it before I start I will make you a one of a kind custom skirt.  One of the biggest benefits to ordering a custom skirt is that you will be able to pick the size, length, style and even some of the fabrics you want it it.  Or if you want to wait and see what makes it into my shop to can.

I am really excited about the Halloween fabric I have chosen this year.  It is totally cute with any of the Halloween tees at Target or Children's Place.  Also new this year, to insure that you will be able to get 3 or more years of wear out of this skirt I now feature growing waist bands.  There will be a little opening in the back of the skirt where you can pull out the elastic and carefully snip the blue thread so your skirt will have and added 2 inches.   Awesome right?  One of the Halloween skirts I made for my daughter she has already worn 3 season and I am planning on using it again this year.

The fabrics I will be using this year include, but are not limited to these pretties.  Aren't they great?  I love the damasks and I love the colors.