Thursday, March 31, 2011


I am sorry.  Have you been checking all day to see if you won the blanket or wipey case?  I have been a little preoccupied   Do you want a little peek at what I have been up to?

Can you believe I got this cute table for Free???  Well it wasn't this cute with I got it.  It had to go through some serious rehab before I would let it hang around the kids.

Yeah, you guessed it I am in the process of spray painting Bryce's bedroom furniture.  LOVE IT!  I have been wanting to paint it for a while, but for some reason I have always been worried about using spray paint on baby furniture.  I think I was worried about it not being good for him to be chewing on spray painted furniture, but really it is probably not a good idea for your baby to be chewing on furniture regardless of whether or not it has been spray painted.  Plus Bryce is not I chewer so I think I am safe.

Ok Ok I will stop blah blah blahing and announce the winners!

The winner of the Minky Cuddle blanket is... Danielson Family.  

and the winner of the Lizzy Lulu wipey case is ... britfrintner.

  Congrats! Email me and I will get your prizes.

Don't forget about the Room Design from LeBaron Interiors giveaway.  It will be open until 4/18.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wonderful Nursery Ideas and Tutorials

Are you LOVING this??  Well when you stop staring and close your mouth,  you can find out all about it here.  Seriously through the Crib, the Table, the Mobile, that old fashioned light reflecting thing...I want, I want, I want, I want.

Don't you just love Pottery Barn for inspiration.  I was loving the color on the wall and oh look there it is so nicely on the picture.  Benjamin Moore Milano Red.  I love the happy and bright factor going on in this room.

This is a whole lot of I right?  It is one of those wall decals.  You can buy one here.  I think this But if you didn't want to buy it and you are crafty I bet you could make it with paint and maybe cute paper.  

There is a wonderful crib sheet tutorial at Prudent baby.

Great dust ruffle tutorial at Sew 4 Home.  Umm I seem to be only showing you girly nursery stuff.  SORRY!  But it is all so cute, what can I do.

How much do you love this? I think I may be able to make it in boy colors and included it in Bryce's room revamp.  Or if I am ever lucky enough to have another baby girl, you better believe I am using this inspiration.
The tutorial is here.

I am showing you this for a few reasons.  First, don't you WANT that crib. If only I have like $1000 to spend on a crib.  I saw it at Down East once and it was still like $500.  Second see the stick thing hanging from the ceiling.  I was totally going to do something very close to that in Bryce's room revamp and now I see it here.  I totally thought I made that up.  I was all like "Oh the cleverness of me" and now I see it in Pottery Barn so I guess I am not quite as clever as I thought.  Don't you hate it when that happens?  Oh and lastly I am showing you this because "look a boy-ish room."

This is also some really great BOY inspiration.  Look at all the cute "hooks" on the board.  Awesomeness.

Only one more day of Baby Month left.  Don't forget to enter the giveaways (here, here, and here) if you haven't already.  Two of them will end tomorrow!  Meaning I am announcing the winners in tomorrow's post.  Good Luck!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Nursery Design

So exciting.  Today I am bring you an AWESOME opportunity.

Kayla is a interior designer who blogs over at LeBaron Interiors.  Today she is is giving all of you designer tips for designing your nursery.  Better yet she is also giving all of you the chance to have a room in your home E-designed for FREE.  Your E-design will include

1. An initial consultation/questionnaire
2. A floor-plan
3. Commentary page of where to place items, where to buy items, and ideas on how to revamp old items.
4. All within your budget.

What is an E-Design?
This is great for those long distance and local DIY clients that just need a little designers opinion while still giving you the freedom to finish the room at your own pace.The designer works with you through email to come up with the  perfect design for space.

Modern Marigold Nursery E-design

How to enter:
Go to this post at LeBaron Interiors.  Read through the Nursery post.  Follow or like LeBaron Interiors. Then come back here and leave a comment on This Post telling me the name of your favorite nursery E-design board.
For an extra entry like Corner House on facebook.

Good Luck!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Baby Art

As much as I love Bryce's nursery I never really felt like it was done.  Last week I finally got the inspiration and know what I want to do with it.  SO although I have a ton of other projects that should be higher on the list (like operation find the laundry room floor) today I started Bryce's room revamp.  I will show you things along the way.
The first thing is that I always felt like it needed more.  More art on the walls and more accessories.  You know more layers.  Don't worry soon there will be plenty of layers to enjoy.

This is what was already in the room.

Brycey has a HUGE closet so I store the clothes the kids aren't actually wearing in his extra closet.  We recently did the whole" purge the closets of stuff that doesn't fit and see what we have that does" thing so there are clothes everywhere.  I guess step one to Brycey's room revamp should be clean it.  :(  Not the most fun first step so I will make art instead, after all the walls are clean.


CLOSE UP (I said that kinda loud and excited hence all caps)

OK OK do you want a little tutorial.  First of all I picked the big canvas' up on clearance for $.75 a piece and the small one was like a dollar.  I used paint I already had so this was uber cheap-a-rific. 

Lets start with the hand print shall we. 

Oh sweet baby hands.  Why do they look so much cuter when I put his hand prints on something on purpose?  I swear they are not that cute wen I am cleaning them off the fridge, windows, and walls.

Step one:  Prep your canvas by painting it your background color.  I really wanted these to be sweet and still fun and match his room so I went with the monochromatic light blue and bright blue.  While those are drying go to step two.

Step two: put your baby in a shirt that you don't care about or strip him down to a diaper, after all babies are very washable.
Here is my baby in his painting shirt.

Step three:  Put your baby in his high chair.  At this point it is nice to have a helper.  Sorry I didn't take any pictures of this part (I was a little busy).  Work one hand at a time.  Have your helper hold the canvas and be ready to put it on the high chair tray.  With a brush, paint the first had and hold it.  Have your helper put the canvas down and then you press his hand on to the canvas. Then pull up the hand, have your helper take the canvas away, and use a wipey to clean the paint off baby's hand.  If at first you don't succeed try try again.  If you don't get a hand print you like don't worry, dry brush off any access paint and repaint over the print with the background color.  Once it is dry you are good to go again.  
If you like your first try, wait for it to dry, make sure all the paint is off his first hand and then repeat the steps again for the other hand. and you are done.

Now for the silhouette (but I didn't use my Silhouette)

Step one:  First I painted my canvas background color, then I took the profile picture.  To get a good profile I put Brycey on a dinning chair and had Emma hold a balloon up in front of his face so he would look at her and look up slightly. Then I printed it out (I just printed it in proof mode so I didn't waste a bunch of ink.) and traced the outline I wanted.  

Then I flipped it over and just scribbled around the back side of the out line. (do you LOVE my super classy drying Crisco can?)  Ok flip your paper back over, place it on your canvas where you want it, and trace over the line you already drew.  This will give you a faint line it paint inside.  I took a picture, but the line didn't show up. Bummer.

But there you go.  You are done.   For the little B print I just painted it the darker color and then free handed a B on it.  Super easy.

Then hang'em up.

And admire your baby's cuteness.  OH Cute.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cakes, Cupcakes, and Lollipops?

Have you noticed the recent trend of making baby stuff look even more sweet?  Diaper Cakes....Onesie Cupcakes....Blanket Lollipops.

There is a very detailed tutorial here

Totally Sweet onesie cupcake. 

Cute as a Fox has a ton of create baby shower "treats."  I had never seen  blanket lollipops before.

Her burp cloth and baby sock onesies are also very yummy looking. :)

I love this tutorial...she used diapers and burp clothes.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Monster Baby Shower

I was so bummed that I wasn't able to make it up to Alaska for my little sister's baby shower.  Stupid expensive plane tickets to Alaska.  Even though I couldn't be there I still helped plan it from a distance.

She had a monster theme shower.  The whole party was inspired by the little guy on top of the diaper cake.

Don't you love all the stuff on the cake.  I wonder if the monster feet booties come in Bryce's Size.

I personally really liked the cute little monster popper on the cheesecakes.

Unfortunately the little monster ducks in the punch weren't the best floaters... but they were cute.

I think they did an awesome job on the banner and my biggest contribution was the Monster Match game.

This is my favorite baby shower game.  Basically it is like Memory.  You go around the room and each person gets to pick 2 numbers.  Under the numbers are words like contractions or Girl's name.  When they get a match they get a prize.  The prizes are what make this game fun.

Here is a list of some words and the corasponding prizes.  The prizes are all kinds of candy.

Daddy - Big Hunk
Conception - Skor
Choosing baby's name -  Whatchmacallit
Girl's name -  Baby Ruth
Twin boys - Mike and Ike
Contractions - Now and Later
Ride to hospital - Rocky Road
Anesthesiologist - Mr. Goodbar
Epidural - Life Savers
Hospital nursery - Cry Babies
Hospital bills - 100 Grand
seeing your baby - Tear Jerkers
Premies - Runts
10 pound babies - Whoppers
Triplets - 3 Musketeers
Breast feeding - Milky Way
Postpartum Tummy - Jelly Belly
Buying diapers - Payday
Baby giggles - Snickers
Dirty diapers - Milk Duds
Delivery Doctor - Butterfingers
Breast Engorgement - Mounds
Mommy's Nap - Take Five
Sleepless nights - Good N' Plenty

Have Fun!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Bibs and Burb Clothes

You would think that as a Mommy of 4 I would have some great bib and burb cloth tutorials, but surprisingly I don't.  My babies have never been that spitty.  Bryce was a little, but it wasn't that often or anything you could predict so a bib usually did the trick and I usually just used I wipey to clean it.  Anywho... I know I could not do a whole month about babies and not have a few bib and burb cloth tutorials.  

I guess I should dedicate this post to my nephew Tanner.  Man now that kid could spit up.  :)
Spitting up right out of the bath...Classic.  Don't worry he grew out of it.

There are some super cute ideas at Restless Risa.

I love these.  You know it is like "Oh hey what are these for" and then you see the burp and you totally know what end you are supposed to use it on.  You can get the tutorial here.

You can make your own here.

I love the idea of dyeing the cloth diapers first.  You can see the wonderful tutorial here.

There is these really great tutorial at Sew She Sews.

Sew She Sews also has a great bib tutorial.  I have never really liked making bibs, but I think for my next baby I may have too make this one.

Oh it is just so cute and I love all the top stitching.

Oh man I really want to make bibs and burp cloths now.  Ummm maybe.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The very best hooded bath towels

As a mommy of 4 I have given a LOT of baths over the past 6 years.  With my daughter I a few of those cute hooded towels you can buy at the store and one towel my mother-in-law had made for me.  I quickly realized all those little towels totally suck.  They are cute...but they are also thin and too small.  I like a nice big towel, even when they are really little.  It is so much nicer to just completely wrap your little baby in a lot of thick warm fuzziness.  Even better your baby will never grow out of it.  My daughter still uses hers.

Being the nice person that I am, I am going to show you how to make one yourself.

Baby Brycey was nice enough to model the one I made for Baby Lyle.

Now you can make these towels as cute as you want.  There are tons of cute towels out there and you can always add ric rac, rufffles, or ribbon.  I just like this color of green for baby Lyle (which for some reason photographed not well, but in person it is a nice pistachio apple color).  So I decided not to add anything to it.

A normal sized towel
A matching wash cloth
A sewing machine.  (there isn't that much sewing, so if you don't have a machine you could probably do sew it by hand.)

Step 1 kinda depends on your wash cloth.  This one had a think finished edge and I was worried it being to thick so I used my seam ripper and undid the top end of the wash cloth.  If your wash cloth is thin at the edges I wouldn't worry about undoing it.

Lay out your towel and then center the wash cloth at the top of it.  Pin it in place and sew it down.  I sew a rectangle along the top edge of the towel then down one side then along the bottom edge of the wash cloth and then back to the top.

Fold the towel in half, right sides together.  Line up the top edges of the wash cloth and sew them together.

Then fold over the side and sew them down.  If you undid the top you need to fold it under before you sew it down. BTW this picture is actually close to the color to towel is.

All Done!