Thursday, February 24, 2011

Family Room Curtains

I have had so many people ask me about the curtains I thought I had better just tell you all about them at once.

The number one question I get it 'Where did I get them?'  I am sorry to have to tell you this... I made them.  I guess that is good and bad news for anyone who was wanting them.  It is good news because I am guessing the fabric is still available, it is bad news because that means you would have to make them and although it is easy, it kinda takes FOREVER.  I seem to remember only ever being able to get like one panel done a day and singing this is the project that never ends to myself while sitting at the sewing machine.  It just takes so long because they are so big.

The fabric is 56'' Wide Harmony Basket Weave Spa Mist Fabric by Diversitex.  I bought the first 10 yards at Hancock fabrics but not the first Hancock Fabrics I went to that is only 20 mins from my house, but the second one that was more like 45 mins from my house after hours of shopping for curtain fabric with 3 small kids.  When I walked in and saw it, it was like the heavens parted and the angels started singing.  And then they only had 7 yards and I needed like 14 yards to cover my windows. I bought another 8 yards online at and lucked out that the dye lots looked the same.  I don't think they have it anymore, but if you google it I bet you will find some.

Here is a little how to for the curtains.

First I cut the fabric just over 9 ft long, because I have 9 ft ceiling and I wanted them to be pretty much floor to ceiling.  I cut the first panel and the laid it next to the next piece so that the pattern would line up just right.  Trust me, even if the pattern seems pretty random you want to make sure the pattern lines up.

See how nice the flowers line up.  I don't normally have them closed during the day.

Next I used sewable iron on bonding stuff (fusible web or whatever it is that people call it)around all the edges and folded it over and ironed it down.  I did one inch on the sides and 3 inches on the top and bottom.   I didn't sew on the side at all.  I did sew one line across the bottom and then across the top I sewed on tabs as I sewed across.  I think that makes these tab back curtains.  I felt like the tabs gave them a nice contemporary look.  For the tabs I used 3 inch pieces of 1.5 inch wide grosgrain ribbon.  I am not sure that is the best choice, but it has worked well for us.  There are about 7 "tabs" per panel.

I think that is about it.

 The fabric has a really nice weight to it so I really like the way it hangs.

One more note about curtains.  As I may have mentioned,  I looked high and low for the fabric for these curtains.  I had this new empty house that was totally a blank canvas.  I wasn't 100% about how I wanted it all to look and I wasn't finding anything anywhere. During this search I talked on the phone with my mom a lot while walking up and down fabric aisle. While wondering through what was probably my 4th store with 3 kids in tow my mo gave me some really good advice.  She said "Don't pick one until you see it and think to yourself that is the fabric that I want people to associate with me when they come into my home."  Possibly the best advice EVER.


  1. I totally LOVE your curtains! I need to break down and make some for us. The 40-ish year old ones that came with the house just aren't cutting it.

  2. I love those curtains you made!

  3. Beautiful curtains! Thanks for linking my Flaunt it Friday party... come back soon! :)

  4. I've just found you, and am soo soo happy I did!! I just bought a house, and was feeling like I was running out of time trying to find the right fabric, as I just wasn't finding it. Reading your mom's advice, and your tutorials, as well as the link to the fabric etsy site, I think I've finally found it!! Thankyou, THANKYOU, THANKYOU!! :D

  5. Bed, Bath and Beyond sells a shower curtain in this same fabric. My daughter is in love with this print.

  6. How the curtain...look so fantastic in the family room..looking fun.

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