Thursday, September 30, 2010

Halloween Costumes

Ummmm... so... tomorrow is OCTOBER!  What the heck.  What happened to September?  And why is it still so stinking hot????  Anyway since I let myself loose track of time I now have to get into serious Halloween preparation time, meaning I have 4 costumes so make.   I love Halloween.  It is actually my mom's birthday.  That poor girl.  When my sisters and I were little every year she got to bundle us up in our costumes, load us into the sled and then trudge from house so that we could beg for candy.   Did I mention I grew up in Alaska?  There were a few years where it was very cold and we actually drove from house to house.  
Anyway, my mom was great about letting us pick out what we want to be and then getting us great costumes.  I think that is why I always look forward to the kids deciding what they want to be and then making it happen.  (and here we don't have to design it around how well it will fit over a snowsuit.)  The kids picked well this year and I am excited for the challenge of making there costumes for them.  BUT I am going to keep their costumes a surprise until I FINISH them.  Lets just hope I finish them before Halloween.  I planned on starting them already, but instead this week I have been deal with the stomach flu making its way through my home.  I won't get into the detail, lets just say my washing machine has been very busy.

Anyway I have been thinking about all the fun costumes the kids have had in the past.  Ya'wana see um?

This is a Monarch Butterfly costume I made.  I bought the wings and leo, some organza, ribbon, and flowers.

I added some flowers to the wings.

Sewed a few flowers to the leo and made the head piece by sewing a lot of flowers to long pieces of ribbon.

Then to finish up the look I made a little gather skirt out of organza, a treat bag out of the leftover organza.

She loved it, but what 2 year old wouldn't.  

Well that was more pictures than I was planning on.  I think maybe I will do a whole week of Halloween costume inspiration. Ooooo in fact how about this.  Let's turn this into a party.

So how about Next Friday I will host a Costume Party here are Corner House.
This will be my first linky party so please please please come to the party!

Link up any Halloween costume post!  It could be from 3 years ago or this years creations, store bought or homemade or somewhere in the middle.  Just stop by next Friday and get some awesome Halloween inspiration.  

Ok check back all week for more fun costume flashbacks and then join me on Friday for the party.

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Contemporary Butterfly Cake

I love it when my house smells like cake.  My four year old came down the stairs while I was cooking and said "Mom, what smells like cookies?"  When I told him I was making cake his eyes lit up until I told him it was not for him.  So I had to make a few cupcakes with the leftover batter.  

I am LOVING this cake.  The moment I saw this cake, I knew I just had to make one.   Plus I apparently really love this color scheme.  It is the main color scheme in my house.

I posted more pictures of these cute little creations on my new Corner House Cakes webs site.  It is still under construction, but since we are friends I will let you look around at my mess.

And lastly just because I was messing around with making 4 inch cakes I made this little cutie.

I just wanted to keep it really simple, after all the best part of this cake is on the inside.  I will have to give it away so that I don't eat it.  Do I have any takers?  Seriously if you live close to me and you want it, it is yours. :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Sweet and Cheap Art

So do you remember a while back when I introduced you to Bryce's room and mentioned that I would be giving more details and then I never did?  So although I have mainly been working on Emma's room I also finished this cute little thing.

These now hang just as you walk into Bryce's room.  This project cost me all of $2.  I found these ugly 60's pictures mounted to pieces of wood at the DI.

Then I primed them white and used blue acrylic on the front.  Then I noticed a spot were the blue was messed up a little and I tried to fix it.  That made it worse, so I started wiping it off, but some had already dried.  So often I start a project thinking it will turn out one way and by a stroke of creative genius (ok, luck) something happens to make it turn out so much better.  Anyway, once I rubbed off some of the blue I REALLY liked it.  So I printed up what I wanted it to say, rubbed the back of the paper with chalk, and traced it onto the pictures.  Than I painted the words on and hung them up.

LOVE THEM!  They are just what the entry to this room needed and I love the sentiment.  Although I must admit that the to the moon and back is a bit of an understatement about how much I love my sweet baby Brycey.

Let's see I will link this up to The Girl Creative and Making the World Cuter

Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Princess Nightstand

So this project turned out so much cuter than I thought it would.

This sweet little nightstand was very ugly and lonely (because it didn't have a mirror) in its first life.  Then it was given to me about 5 years ago and I made it look like this (only a slight improvement).

I sprayed it with a can of white spray paint years ago.  The kids took off and lost the knobs and ever since we moved into our house is sat in the corner in the 5th bedroom/laundry folding room/craft room.  Then a few months ago it was joined by a mirror which was an unexpected surprise that came along with a large, ugly, 60s dresser... that I got for FREE.  (My favorite price)

So I took the mirror apart and then primed and painted both pieces white.  Then I took some leftover pink paint from Emma's walls, a dry smallish paint brush, and a baby wipe. I brushed on some pink and then used the wipe to take most of it back off.

Adding the pink was one of those last minute things that just kinda happen in the evolution of a project. It came about because there was this inset above the mirror (that I was originally planning on leaving out until I realized that with out it you would just see the ugly back that I have just taken off) that I painted a pink castle on.

I am still on the hunt for cute knobs (for some reason I don't really feel like loading up the kids and taking them to Hobby Lobby).  But I do rather enjoy the finished project thus far.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Bed Tutu

When I think of girly things, tutus are about as girly as you can get.  So to make a pretty and girly bed even more special I decided it needed a tutu too.

The tulle I used was actually used as the chair tie backs for my little sister's wedding, so it was free for me :).  I always prefer to just use what I already have or can get for free (or close to it).  So if you don't have a sister with tons of tulle, you can get this kind of tulle on spools at most any craft store.  The tulle I was given was pink, purple, blue, and yellow, but you can use whatever color you want.  I am not sure how many spools of tulle you will need, but I think you will want at least 6.  It will kinda depend on how full you make the skirt.  If you know you are going to want it really full you might want 8 spools.  

Once you have your tulle I cut it the length of my arm.  So just look at the bed you want it on, pull a length, fold it in half and get an idea for how long you want to cut your strips.  When you are cutting keep in mind that you will be folding these strips in half and cut them about 4 or 5 at a time.

Once they were all cut I set my sewing machine on regular tension with a long stitch length.  The I sewed about 3 strips at a time.  So I would just pick up a pink and fold it in half, then a blue fold it in half, and then a pink again and fold it in half.  Then I would run them through the machine.  I used a pink, blue, pink, yellow, pink, purple pattern.  

Measure around then bed you are making this for to know how long to make it,  Once mine was long enough I just sewed it onto her existing bed skirt (because I liked the idea of the light pink of the existing bed skirt backing the tulle.) 


And there you have it.  

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Introducing Emma's Room

This past week as part of a Relief Society activity I hosted tours of my home.  I apparently didn't think about very much before I told them "Sure.  That sounds fun," because shortly after that I was struck by a case of Umm Really My House, I Have A Lot Of Work To Do, And I Will Never Get My House Clean Enough.  (that is a real sickness I promise..that is why I capitalized it.)  Anyway, the only cure for URMH, IHALOWTD,AIWNGMHCE was to finish as many projects around the house as I could.

So I started with Emma's room.

I painted the walls about 10 months ago.  Wow was it really 10 months ago??  I am a slacker.  If I didn't have the fact that I have 4 small children, one of which is almost 9 months, to play with, feed, teach, and clean up after, I would really be giving myself a hard time right now.  Plus I painted this room while I was pregnant and nesting.  I go a little craft  crazy when I am nesting.
Anyway back on track.  I let Emma pick the paint card (surprise surprise she choose a very girly shade of pink) and then I used 3 colors from the same card.  I painted the ceiling, halfway down the feature wall, and about 1.5 feet down the other 3 walls the lightest pink color.  Then I taped off the horizon lines so there would be slightly rolling hills and painted everything below that line the middle pink color.  Then I just took a few old pieces of poster board, drew some castles and cut them out to make stencils.  If you are thinking to yourself that you can make stencils you can.  Just google images of what you are looking for and then once you see what you want I bet you can draw the outline of it.

Once the castles were painted in the darkest pink color I then free handed the little bushes and trees. The last step was to put up the princesses wall stickers.  We got them at Target.  I just wanted the castles, but my daughter thought that it wasn't a princess room until there were princesses all over it.

While I had the paint and drop clothes out I also painted this doll cradle I got at a thrift store for like $2,

And the frame of the hair bow thing I had made her a few years ago.  (Her old room was a kitty garden type theme and the frame was a green that just wasn't working in this room)

Then I made this shelf.
I talk about how I did this here.
Most of the dolls on the self were mine and over 20 years old and some where even my mom's when she was a little girl.  I guess one good thing about only having one girl is that I know who to give all the stuff I saved for someday when I have a little girl. 

I had some leftover fabric after doing the shelves so I used it to make a coverlet for the bed.

The coverlet is just a temporary solution (maybe in another 10 months I will get around to finding her something better).  I also made her a new bed skirt, well it is more like a bed tutu.  Go here to learn more about the bed tutu.

And last I refinished a nightstand and mirror for her. 

As always I still have more to do, like a cornice box over the window,  ruffly curtains, a ceiling medallion, and a chandelier.  Maybe sometime in the next 10 months. 

Added note:  I have had a lot of people ask me about Emma's bed.  I bought it in clearance at a local store, RC Willey, but you can also buy it here.  

Friday, September 10, 2010

Lindsay's Wedding Cake

This is the cake I made today (well and yesterday) for a wedding.  The bride wanted buttercream frosting, hearts on the top and bottom tiers, and dot clusters on the middle tier.  So I made this....

I love making cakes, but I ALWAYS get so worried when it comes time to move them (after all isn't that the best part of those cake shows, like when they dropped he cake down the stairs on Cake Boss).  The reception was up some very steep roads.  The whole time I was driving there I was just praying the cake would make it there in one piece.  The top tiers did slide a little, but it was totally fixable and I was very happy with how it turned out.

I have also been up to a few other things these past few days.  Want a sneak peek?....

Ok so I am lame and took all of these pictures with my phone.  But I guess phone pictures are better than no pictures at all.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Done and Done

For such a simple project it sure took me a LONG time to get it done.  But now that it is done...What do you think of my new art wall?

The letters have been sitting around since back in July when my sister-in-law was here and we used her Silhouette to cut out a bunch of vinyl.  Then about 3 weeks ago I got the the vinyl and the clip boards hung.   Then finally today I printed out the kids pictures and mod-podged them to some 5x7 canvases.  

The art wall in in the hall on the way back to the mud room and garage, so the kids can come home from school, hang up their coats and backpacks (yeah, right.) and then display their latest creation.

and just because I think they are cute here is a close up of the pictures I used.


Keeping It Simple

Friday, September 3, 2010

The Girl Has Got to Look Good (even for soccer)

When I said, "I need to make a bow for Emma to wear to soccer"  my husband gave me a very funny look, but really even at a soccer game it is important to look good.  Right?  So the other day I threw together this little cutie.

It was super easy and perfect for a pony tail.

First I dug through my ribbon stash for all the white and red (that wasn't Christmasy) I could find.  Then I cut them to even lengths and used fray check on the ends.  I prefer to put a little fray check on my finger and then run the ribbon through that rather than try to put it directly on the ribbon.  Does anyone know of a better way to keep ribbon from fraying?

Then I criss crossed the ribbons, put one of the thick red ones on top and used a needle and thread to sew them at the middle.

Then I took the other thick red ribbon and sew perpendicular to the other ribbons attaching the rubber band.

And there you have it. One super cute bow perfect for helping you spot your little soccer princess in a crowd.